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Will MJF return to AEW? Know everything you need to know about “The Salt of The Earth”

In a surprising turn of events for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) fans, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, popularly known as MJF, has been notably absent from AEW television in 2024. This hiatus follows his loss of the World Heavyweight Championship at the World’s End pay-per-view on December 31st. The mystery surrounding his absence has now been unveiled, as it’s been revealed that MJF has just completed filming for a comedy movie titled “The Floaters,” set in a Jewish summer camp.

According to Deadline, “The Salt Of The Earth” MJF is making his mark in Hollywood with this venture, featuring alongside Jackie Tohn from GLOW, Sarah Podemski, Aya Cash, Judah Lewis, Nina Bloomgarden, Jake Ryan, Seth Green, Steve Guttenberg, and other notable personalities. Not only did MJF take on an acting role in the film, but he also served as an executive producer. This foray into the film industry aligns with MJF’s past aspirations of venturing beyond the wrestling ring and establishing a presence in Hollywood.

The absence of MJF is visible

MJF’s absence from AEW television, despite being the longest-reigning Champion in the promotion’s short history, raises questions about the trajectory of his wrestling career. His previous endeavors in Hollywood, such as his role as Lance Von Erich in the movie ‘The Iron Claw,’ emphasize his dual commitment to both wrestling and the entertainment industry.

While MJF has teased a potential move to Hollywood in the past, the completion of another motion picture, ‘The Floaters,’ suggests that his wrestling comeback may be postponed further. The wrestling community, however, eagerly awaits his return, given his status as one of the most speculated-upon talents in the industry.

MJF’s own references to the “War of 2024” have fueled speculation about his future in wrestling, with the prevailing belief being that he has already re-signed with AEW. Nevertheless, the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling has led some fans to entertain the notion of a shock switch to WWE later in the year.

As fans indulge in the realm of fantasy booking, contemplating the potential twists and turns in MJF’s career, the uncertainty surrounding his wrestling future adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing narrative. His successful foray into Hollywood, combined with his enigmatic persona, keeps fans and the wrestling community on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the multifaceted career of Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

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