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5 WWE wrestlers who because of injuries had to retire at an young age 

Any athlete, whether they play basketball, baseball, soccer, or wrestling, has injuries as their deadliest enemy. Whether you like it or not, accidents happen all the time, especially in combat sports like wrestling. A wrestler usually recovers from an injury inevitably, but occasionally the damage is so serious that it necessitates retirement.  Some young wrestlers who still had a long career ahead of them over the years had to regrettably quit due to injury, giving up their goals and passion. Without further ado, let’s look at 5 wrestlers from the WWE and other promotions that were forced to retire at an early age as a result of injuries.

Stone Cold 

The most severe injuries are those to the neck, which, regrettably, happen more frequently than we would want. Another wrestler who was forced to retire due to a neck ailment was Steve Austin, who did so at a very young age of 38. Austin could have wrestled at a world-class level for at least five more years if he had been in good health, but injuries prevented him from doing so.

Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan had the talent and Vince McMahon’s seeming favor to become a prominent WWE star. Unfortunately, Jordan suffered an injury, and it appears like his wrestling career is over. He might have had significant roles and significant disputes with performers like Seth Rollins and Kurt Angle. Although Jordan hasn’t competed in a wrestling battle since January 2018, when he wasn’t even 30 years old, he is still striving to get back in the ring.

Corey Graves

Due to the numerous concussions Corey Graves sustained over his career, he decided to retire at the age of 30. He was told by doctors not to wrestle again, and he later started working as a color commentator. Despite the fact that he spent almost a decade competing in indie promotions, it’s a shame that we didn’t get to see much of him in WWE. Graves has already received medical clearance to return to wrestling, but it appears he has no interest in doing so.


Droz’s career lasted just two years as a result of a horrific accident. Droz received a powerbomb during a match against D-Lo Brown, and the impact caused him to fall to the ground and die. He was only 30 years old, a quadriplegic, and unable to fight once more. The injury was awful and sad. Droz eventually regained some upper body mobility, and he lived to be 54 years old when he passed away in June 2023.


Before the age of 23, Paige has already won the NXT Women’s Championship and the Divas Championship twice, making her one of the wrestlers to ascend to prominence the fastest in history. She appeared to be headed for a legendary career, but a neck ailment caused her to quit at age 25 in 2017. What a shame this was. Paige was able to get back into wrestling and is now a part of AEW, but it’s not the same.

NameRetirement Age
Corey Graves30 
Jason Jordan30
Stone Cold38

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