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5 WWE statistics that seem impossible 

Some WWE facts may entirely change how you perceive the history of the company. When you start to properly examine the history of WWE statistics, you actually start to recognise that you are probably harboring a lot of illusions about WWE. Don’t feel too bad about it, even though it’s possible that everything you think you know about WWE is false. The information gathered from the WWE actually contains a significant amount of anomalies. Since WWE is not a sport, this may be the case, and its statistics only serve to further support this. Here are only five ridiculous WWE statistics.

Roddy Piper at SummerSlam 

This one is just beyond comprehension. Of course, if you give it some serious thought, you’ll see that you can’t genuinely remember a Roddy Piper SummerSlam match. Even still, it’s strange that Piper has never competed at SummerSlam given that he was one of WWE’s top wrestlers when the business first began hosting the event. 

However, the rationale behind this one is rather straightforward. When SummerSlam debuted, Piper was taking a vacation from professional wrestling. He had been battling ailments in the early 1990s, which prevented him from competing on the show. After that, he was never given another chance to wrestle on the programme.

Braun Strowman’s PPV Record

Although the WWE has booked The Monster Among Men into a lot of corners, Braun Strowman has been portrayed as some type of unstoppable monster. Since SummerSlam 2017, Braun Strowman has competed in many Universal Title matchups on pay-per-view. Strowman has had a 0-3-1 record in those games during that period. At SummerSlam ’17, he lost in a Fatal Four Way, to Brock at No Mercy, in a triple threat against Brock & Kane, and in a no-contest in his bout against Roman Reigns at HIAC. Strowman is not anticipated to win Crown Jewel, leaving him winless after five championship attempts.

World Title Defenses For CM Punk 

While some enjoy how Brock Lesnar’s title defenses stand out because they are so few, others feel that they make him seem like a joke of a champion. Just consider how many more title defenses CM Punk made during the same time frame as Lesnar’s most recent reign to help appreciate why the latter group thinks that way. CM Punk, a champion workhorse, put forth more than 140 championship defenses in 434 days. In the same period, Lesnar has only made 10 championship defenses. At this rate, it would take Lesnar more than 15 years to have as many defenses as CM Punk.

Big Boss Man Win % At Wrestlemania

The Big Bossman has competed in less WrestleMania matches than Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin, which is the most logical explanation for this statistic. The figures aren’t too off, though. Boss Man has played in seven fewer WrestleMania contests than Hulk Hogan, while Stone Cold has played in just one more. How, then, does the mostly forgettable Big Boss Man outperform two of the biggest names in WWE history in terms of total win percentage? The straightforward response is that Vince McMahon truly liked him.

Intercontinental Championship Retained But Lost Wrestlemania 

As you’ll soon discover, the Intercontinental championship hasn’t always been treated with the respect it merits. The Intercontinental Championship defenses at WrestleMania are actually typically handled like time fillers, if they are given that honor at all. In fact, did you understand that the five Intercontinental Champions still held the title while losing their WrestleMania matches? That’s unacceptable given that we’re discussing what is meant to be the second-most prestigious championship in WWE history and its defenses as the most prestigious event ever.

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