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5 WWE Stars The Undertaker Buried

Depending on the context, the phrase “WWE superstar Undertaker buried another wrestler” can signify one of two things. One reason is that Undertaker is the supreme expert in Buried Alive matches. Over the course of his career, he has both actually buried wrestlers and found himself buried. However, buried here has a distinct connotation. When one wrestler “buries” another wrestler, it signifies that the up-and-coming star is so badly defeated by an established superstar that their career is doomed after the match. In certain instances, a wrestler who is gaining popularity with the audience loses to a greater star, which causes their own popularity to decline and their push to fizzle out. Here are five wrestlers that Undertaker buried.


Muhammad Hassan was the star Undertaker most obviously buried, and UPN compelled WWE to do it in 2005. Hassan was a great character at first. He claimed that because of his ancestry, people were prejudiced against him because he was an American of Arabian descent. He was an American citizen, which was an interesting viewpoint that exposed racial prejudice. 

Unfortunately, WWE decided to make Hasaan into a stereotypical terrorist, damaging the gimmick. He rallied people to assist him in what appeared to be a terrorist attack against The Undertaker, and days later, the 2005 London bombings took place. Because UPN insisted Hassan stop appearing on their network, Undertaker defeated him at the Great American Bash and never again made an appearance on WWE TV.


At the end of the Attitude Era, WWE developed a clever angle that targeted the raunchy moments that the audience at the time liked so much. Stevie Richards established Right to Censor after changing his name to Steven Richards. He then persuaded pimp wrestler Godfather and porn actor Val Venis to rethink their minds and join him, adding Bull Buchanon for strength and Ivory for a great female member.

Then they battled the Divas who like flashing their assets and everything else they deemed depraved and unpleasant. The group being buried by the Undertaker seems like an odd way to wrap up this angle. In a handicap match against The Undertaker, all four guys lost, with Venis, Godfather, and Buchanan storming out on Stevie.


Not just Undertaker but other wrestlers also laid Bray Wyatt to rest. Fans enjoyed The Eater of Worlds’ unique persona when he first entered the WWE, but because he was a heel, WWE opted to feed him to the faces. Bray Wyatt’s popularity among fans decreased over the Wyatt Family’s reign because he consistently lost feuds. The Wyatt Family was made to appear subservient to The Shield. 

At WrestleMania XXX, he was defeated by John Cena in one of his most discouraging losses. With his match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania 31, Wyatt had an opportunity to overcome this. Even though he lost, Wyatt had a chance because of the match, but Undertaker defeated him easily, and Wyatt plummeted even more.


For more than a year, CM Punk was the biggest star in the WWE. He defeated John Cena several times, and he held the WWE world championship longer than any other wrestler in the contemporary era. Punk was a huge star who rose to prominence on his own and forced WWE to acknowledge his skill in the ring and on the mic. Punk was repeatedly passed over by stars like Chris Jericho and John Cena, and as a result, he was never given the opportunity to work a WrestleMania main event. The Rock defeated him for the title in the one year when it appeared he might finally have that chance, ending his reign after 434 days. When Undertaker defeated him at WrestleMania 29, Punk quit professional wrestling nine months later and departed WWE. 


WWE offered WCW stars a buyout on their contracts when they acquired WCW. Given how many notable performers declined to sign with them and instead chose to sit on the sidelines while receiving money, one might assume that WWE would reward the wrestlers that did. Once they joined, though, WWE buried most of the WCW stars.

Diamond Dallas Page and Bill Goldberg were the two most notable domestic stars in WCW. Goldberg was a monster when it came to him, but Page was a person who won admirers with his hard work and dedication. He went from being a well-liked babyface in WWE to becoming a stalker who teased the wife of the Undertaker and ultimately lost to the Phenom during the Invasion. 

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