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5 seemingly unreal WWE Statistics 

The WWE is not a sports league. Even while Vince and the other executives prefer to portray WWE as something other than a professional wrestling organization, they haven’t truly attempted to do so in many, many years. It’s easy to understand why. Everyone is aware that WWE is a scripted programme, and any attempts to present it as a sport will very certainly be welcomed with gleeful mockery from people all over the world. 

But that doesn’t negate the fact that WWE programming incorporates elements of conventional sports. The business pays athletes, benefits greatly from fan support, and compiles a lot of data. There are still many WWE statistics that appear merely implausible, even though they are often only given during Royal Rumble promos.

Fight Duration Of IC Title Matches At WrestleMania From 2003-2011

Even while it is disappointing that fewer WrestleMania IC championship battles ended in clean victories, at least those victories were on the WrestleMania event. That is all we can say about how the belt was handled from 2003 until 2011. Only 21 seconds of the period was devoted to IC Championship fights at WrestleMania. Those 21 seconds occurred during the WrestleMania 25 bout between Rey Mysterio and JBL, which was essentially a squash match on steroids. Thankfully, recent years have seen a little improvement.

Performers with Tag Team, Midcard, and World Title At WrestleMania 

This one will undoubtedly lead you to Google in an effort to refute what we said. But no matter how hard we look, we can’t locate someone who meets these requirements. Why hasn’t a wrestler ever won a tag team title, a midcard title (likely the United States or Intercontinental), and a world title at WrestleMania? At WrestleMania, you’d think someone would have been able to accomplish that seemingly logical career growth, but that doesn’t appear to have happened yet. Sincerely, it appears that the majority of candidates for this list are turned off by the criteria for a tag team championship victory.

Most Matches in a Year

Let’s briefly discuss the reasons why the total number of matches wrestled in a year is an odd figure in the first place in order to help the previous statistic make more sense. The usual suspects (like Daniel Bryan) can be found on the list of wrestlers who competed in the most WWE matches in a particular year. On that list, however, are individuals like Greg “The Hammer” Valentine. Valentine is really thought to have competed in 279 WWE matches in a single year, which is a record. The man deserves praise for his strong work ethic.

Wrestlers With Multiple Matches At Two WrestleMania

The number of wrestlers who have competed in two contests on a single WrestleMania card is actually fairly large, and many of the names on that list are among the most recognisable in the history of the sport. We’re talking about men like Hulk Hogan, Daniel Bryan, Bret Hart, and Yokozuna. When you consider that Yokozuna is the only wrestler to compete in two matches at two WrestleManias (and that they occurred in back-to-back years), things start to get really strange. His last name is strange enough on its own.

The Present Best WrestleMania Unbeaten Streak

Let’s continue talking about WrestleMania for a while as we examine The Undertaker’s unbeaten streak at the event, one of the most illustrious records in WWE annals. It is quite unlikely that the Undertaker’s 21-match winning streak at WrestleMania will ever be matched. You might be wondering who has the longest current unbeaten streak at WrestleMania now that “The Streak” is finished.

Rob Van Dam would be in that. Yes, even if you undoubtedly just recall one RVD WrestleMania match (his victory at Money in the Bank), the man still holds the most notable existing unmatched streak in the competition’s history thanks to his 4-0 record.

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