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5 instances when The Deadman Undertaker came back to life from death 

The Undertaker is best known for his death, not “The Tombstone,” which is his other claim to fame. The Undertaker has supposedly passed away so many times throughout the years that one could argue that he practically created the term “celebrity death hoax.” He has survived being buried alive, burned, and exploded, and the only thing that has prevented him from winning is retirement. The Undertaker may have given up and opted to end his career (along with a significant portion of our youth) at Wrestlemania, but let’s take a look at all the times the wrestler has died and then come back to life during his time with WWE (and WWF).


The Undertaker was busy being dead around the same time as most of us were busy getting born. The Undertaker and Yokozuna, one of the most well-known wrestlers of that era, were involved in a feud at the 1994 Royal Rumble, and during the WWF (yes, that’s what it was called back then) Championship Casket match, Yokozuna and other wrestlers attacked The Undertaker and “buried him alive” in the casket. Before eventually making an appearance at Summerslam that year, The Undertaker had been absent from the ring for more than seven months (presumably on paternity leave). But hey, we’re confident that being ‘dead’ is the best justification for a seven-month sabbatical from work.


Given how frequently he has been buried, it is arguably The Undertaker’s favourite past time. This time, he was engaged in a conflict with the evil figure “Mankind,” who, along with Triple H, Goldust, and others, once again buried him alive (they don’t get very inventive, do they?). Of fact, this was his shortest period of death, as he appeared to be returning soon after the match by sticking his hands out of his grave.


Undertaker and his on-screen brother Kane engaged in one of the largest and most destructive feuds in the history of the WWE. Kane decides to, yep, bury The Undertaker during the bout, which was originally between The Deadman and Shawn Michaels. But as an added precaution, Kane also lights The Undertaker’s coffin on fire. And in the least unexpected turn of events in WWE history, Deadman makes a comeback two months later to face Kane once more.


Randy Orton was another wrestler with whom The Undertaker had a protracted rivalry. In 2005, Orton ensnared The Undertaker in a coffin with the assistance of his father during a bout, and then he imitated Kane’s hallmark move of igniting the coffin with a match (really?!). Later that year, The Undertaker would make a comeback and defeat the tag team champions in the Survivor Series. 


When Kane kills him once more, it is viewed as the conclusion of the longest-running feud in WWE history. The two ‘brothers’ were scheduled to compete in a Bragging Rights match, which Kane was most likely to lose. Undertaker, however, was taken aback by The Nexus during the bout, who buried him alive with Kane’s signature maneuver after burying him in the grave.

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