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5 hard to believe WWE stats 

Some WWE statistics might completely alter the way you view the organization’s past. In fact, you begin to realise that you probably have many illusions about WWE when you start to look closely at the history of WWE analytics. Though everything you believe you know about WWE is likely incorrect, don’t feel too guilty about it. The truth is that there are a lot of data from the WWE that don’t make sense. Perhaps this is the case since WWE is not a sport, and its statistics simply help to confirm this. These are just a few of the five absurd WWE statistics.

Roman Reigns has 66% main event WrestleMania matches

You only need to glance at this statistic to understand why some fans believe that the Roman Reigns push has gone too far. Four of Roman Reigns’ six WrestleMania matches have been the headlining contests. Oh, and each of those four major events occurred in a successive year. The last person to headline four consecutive WrestleManias has Hulk Hogan, although one of those main events was a brief contest with Yokozuna that only officially served as the PPV’s main event. The Undertaker has appeared in four WrestleMania main events in total during the course of his career.

WrestleMania Main Events Featuring Wrestlers Using Their Real Names

One of the strangest statistics in WrestleMania history is this one. You’d think that at least a few WrestleMania main events over the years would have included two guys who were using their birth names, even if there aren’t many wrestlers who use their real names. There has only ever been one in actuality. The only main event in WrestleMania history without a gimmick moniker was the contest between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania XIX. That must be the pinnacle of both of their professional careers. 

No Male Singles Matches At WrestleMania 2000

It’s strange that WrestleMania 2000 isn’t considered one of the all-time best PPVs given how popular WWE had become at that moment along with how many skilled performers existed on the roster. They may have had too much talent, in fact. Although WrestleMania 2000 featured nearly every wrestler in the organization, we can’t help but find it odd that there wasn’t even a singles match amongst male wrestlers. In actuality, Terri Runnels and The Kat engaged in a catfight in the lone singles match on the schedule. 

El Torito Has Highest Overall Win Percentage For Male Wrestlers In WWE History

In order to examine one of the puzzling figures in the long tradition of WWE male wrestlers, we’ll continue with win percentages. Yes, El Torito has the highest win percentage between male performers in WWE history (Asuka has the best win percentage overall and among female wrestlers). El Torito has an astounding win percentage of just over 91%. When you consider that El Torito only competed in 73 contests overall, the majority of which were comedy matches, it’s actually not all that amazing.

Goldust’s WrestleMania Record

Even though Goldust isn’t the most well-known wrestler in WWE history, he has nonetheless managed to work for the organization for a very long period. Although he left WWE for a while, Goldust made his WWE debut in 1995, and the business still employs him today. Despite spending so much time in the WWE, Goldust has yet to claim a single WrestleMania victory. You’d think the WWE would have eventually come up with a reason to give Goldust his WrestleMania moment, but the fact remains that he has a 0% win rate.

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