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4 WWE Stats that people will question to be true

Some WWE statistics might completely alter the way you view the organization’s past. In fact, you begin to realize that you probably have many illusions about WWE when you start to look closely at the history of WWE analytics. Though everything you believe you know about WWE is likely incorrect, don’t feel too guilty about it. The truth is that there are a lot of data from the WWE that doesn’t make sense. Perhaps this is the case since WWE is not a sport, and its statistics simply help to confirm this. These are just a few of the five absurd WWE statistics.

Wrestlers who defended Razor Ramon’s Razor’s Edge

In the history of WWE, there have been a number of genuinely outstanding finishes. Numerous legendary wrestlers are defined by their finishes, including Hulk Hogan’s knee drop, Triple H’s Pedigree, The Stone Cold Stunner, and Sweet Chin Music. However, a lot of WWE’s top finishers have left the company at some point. However, The Razor’s Edge is always successful. Razor Ramon was a highly famous wrestler back in his day, but 100% of the time? The Razor’s Edge was successful simply because Razor Ramon only employed it when he was certain he would prevail in a fight.

The WWE Championship’s total number of monikers since 1963

Do you ever find it frustrating that there is a WWE Championship as well as a Universal Champion? Doesn’t it only add to the confusion of the WWE hierarchy? It appears that the top WWE championship has gone by a lot of different titles over the years. In reality, since 1963, the WWE Championship has gone by eight different names.

The WWWF World Heavyweight Championship, the WWF Heavyweight Championship title, the WWF World Heavyweight Championship, the Undisputed WWF Championship, the Undisputed WWE Championship, the WWE Championship, and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship are each in competition. Oh, and it’s once again being called the WWE Championship. Everything is extremely unclear.

Shawn Michaels’ Wrestlemania Win Percentage

Shawn Michaels has frequently been referred to by WWE as Mr. WrestleMania over the years. No one has ever really contested the nickname’s legitimacy. After all, he has taken part in some of the most well-known WrestleMania matches ever. Shawn Michaels hasn’t truly prevailed in many of those WrestleMania matches over the years, famous or not. Mr. WrestleMania has only eked out a 35% win rate at WrestleMania throughout the years with a 6-11 record. Hey, at least a few of those defeats were in fantastic games.

Total viewers for the Hulk Hogan vs. André main event match

Sometimes it’s difficult to really comprehend exactly how well-liked wrestling was during the Hulk Hogan era. We can’t really use the same measures to describe the popularity of the Attitude Era because WWE wasn’t on TV every week. Nevertheless, when WWE did stage TV events throughout the Hogan era, they were typically wildly successful. In actuality, the Main Event rematch between Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan is the most viewed wrestling match of all time. Over 33 million people watched the fight on television. That is roughly 30 million more viewers than the typical Raw programme draws.

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