Olympics Stats: Athletes who have made most appearances at the Olympics

The Olympics, also referred to as the modern Olympic Games, are regarded as the most significant international sporting event that features competitions in both summer as well as winter sports. Numerous athletes from all over the world compete in a wide variety of sports disciplines at this multi-sport event. The Olympic Games draw more than 200 nations from different sovereign states and territories, who send their athletes to participate.

The Summer and Winter Olympics rotate every two years within the entire four-year cycle, which has been practiced since 1994. The first Summer Olympics was held in Athens, Greece, in 1896, which marked the beginning of this remarkable history. The most recent installment of the Summer Games was held in Tokyo, Japan in 2021. With the worldwide success that the Summer Olympics received, the Winter Olympics were created. The first edition of the Winter Olympics took place in 1924 with Chamonix as the host, while the latest iteration was held in Beijing, China, in 2022.

Most appearances by an athlete in the Olympics

Among the vast array of athletes who have graced the Olympic Games throughout its history, a group of athletes have distinguished themselves by achieving the remarkable feat of making multiple appearances at the prestigious event. Out of the 869 athletes who have participated in at least five Olympics from Athens 1896 to Beijing 2022 (excluding the 1906 Intercalated Games), a total of 214 individuals have gone on to extend their Olympic journey by competing in at least a sixth edition. 

One standout athlete who has left an indelible mark on the Olympic stage is Ian Millar from Canada. The Canadian athlete represented the nation in Equestrian in ten editions and claimed the silver medal in Team jumping in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Besides Millar, there are a few athletes who are known as Olympic veterans having each made nine appearances at the Games – Hubert Raudaschl (sailor), Afanasijs Kuzmins (shooting), and Nino Salukvadze (shooting), leaving an enduring legacy.

Athletes who have made the most appearances at the Olympic Games

On June 26, 2023, Georgia’s prominent shooter Nino once again hogged the limelight, this time at the European Games 2023 as she secured a quota spot for her country in the women’s 25m pistol event. Although she had finished outside the medal positions with a fourth place, the 54-year-old, and nine-time Olympian secured her qualification for the Paris 2024 Olympics as Greece, Bulgaria, and Germany had already secured their spots. This paved the way for Salukvadze’s inclusion and thus, she is set to become the first athlete in history to participate in ten consecutive Olympic Games. Considering how big and difficult of an accomplishment it is, let’s look at the athletes who have made the most appearances at the Olympics.

AthleteCountries (No. of times represented)GamesSportNo of appearances
Ian MillarCanada1972–1976, 1984–2012Equestrian10
Hubert RaudaschlAustria1964–1996Sailing9
Afanasijs KuzminsSoviet Union (3) and Latvia (6)1976–1980, 1988–2012Shooting9
Nino SalukvadzeSoviet Union (1), Unified Team (1), and Georgia (7)1988–2020Shooting9
Piero d’InzeoItaly1948–1976Equestrian8
Raimondo d’InzeoItaly1948–1976Equestrian8
Durward KnowlesGreat Britain (1) and Bahamas (7)1948–1972, 1988Sailing8
Paul ElvstrømDenmark1948–1960, 1968–1972, 1984–1988Sailing8
Rajmond DebevecYugoslavia (2) and Slovenia (6)1984–2012Shooting8
Josefa Idem GuerriniWest Germany (2) and Italy (6)1984–2012Canoeing8
Lesley ThompsonCanada1984–2000, 2008–2016Rowing8
Francisco BozaPeru1980–2004, 2016Shooting8
Noriaki Kasai/ Japan1992–2018Ski jumping8
Andrew HoyAustralia1984–2004, 2012, 2020Equestrian8
Jesús Ángel García BragadoSpain1992–2020Athletics8
Oksana ChusovitinaUnified Team (1), Uzbekistan (5), and Germany (2)1992–2020Gymnastics8
Claudia PechsteinGermany1992–2006, 2014–2022Speed skating8
Jaqueline MourãoBrazil2004–2008, 2020, 2006–2022 (W)Cycling mountain bike (3), cross-country skiing (5) and biathlon (1)8

(Note – The list only consists of the athletes who have represented in eight editions or more.)

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