Top three most successful Haas drivers in Formula One

Haas is the first American constructor to compete since the unrelated Haas Lola outfit competed in the 1985 and 1986 seasons. It was the first American team to submit an F1 entry following the failure of the US F1 project in 2010. Teddy Mayer, a former executive at McLaren, and Carl Haas, a separate person from Gene Haas, owned the Haas Lola team. Haas bought the Marussia F1 team’s Banbury headquarters to use as a forward base for their operations after the team’s bankruptcy during the 2014 season and the auctioning of their assets.

The paddock’s reaction to Haas’s strategy of forging a comprehensive partnership with Ferrari was conflicted. The builder received praise for developing a low-cost model that would enable new teams to participate in the sport and be competitive, which had been a concern for the sport for a while. Smaller, privateer teams, who had made their own infrastructure investments and voiced concerns about the close relationship between manufacturers and satellite constructors giving the sport’s larger constructors more political sway, opposed Haas’ strategy.

Being a small team, Haas never had world championship winning drivers in their history. Sure, they did have a number of drivers who were talented, but only three managed to ever make a mark with the team in the sport so far. In this article, we look at three such drivers who helped Haas get some decent results in the sport and solidify their place in the pinnacle on motorsport.

Kevin Magnussen

K-Mag has had a fine career in Formula One, despite not winning the world championship. He is the most seasoned Haas driver at the moment and continues to be a crucial part of their team. Magnussen has competed in a total of 104 races so far in his Haas career, scoring 122 points and securing pole position at the 2022 Brazilian GP.

Races with HaasWinsPoints
104 (until the 2023 Australian GP)0122

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Romain Grosjean

Unfortunately for Romain Grosjean, the only thin fans remember about him is his fiery horror crash at the 2020 Bahrain GP. The Frenchman luckily stepped out of the incident relatively unscathed but has nit set foot inside a Formula One race car ever since. However, he was a stalwart at Haas alongside Magnussen. Grosjean started 96 races for the outfit and scored 103 points.

Races with HaasWinsPoints

Mick Schumacher

Son of the legendary and greatest Formula One driver of all time Michael Schumacher, Mick made his debut in Formula One with Haas. The German driver for the 2021 and 2022 seasons and took part in 43 races and scored 12 points. His contract was nit renewed for the 2023 season and he is currently a reserve driver for Mercedes.

Races with HaasWinsPoints

Most successful Haas drivers

Kevin Magnussen*104122
Romain Grosjean96103
Mick Schumacher4312
Nico Hulkenberg*36
*- until the 2023 Australian GP