Top drivers of the modern era who have never won a Formula One world championship

Formula One is a cruel sport. Over the years, there have been numerous drivers who have tried their luck and done their utmost best to become world champion, but it has simply never worked out. It does make one feel for the driver, but that is just how cut-throat the nature of the sport is. While there always have been the Schumachers and Hamiltons, it is worthwhile to note that the likes of Valterri Bottas, Rubens Barrichello, Sergio Perez and others were instrumental in their respective teams’ success and that should be respected for its worth.

Today, we will talk about a topic that will strike an emotional chord if you are an avid F1 follower. In the modern era, there have been several drivers that have had more than enough dedication and potential to be crowned world champion. For the sake of simplicity, the time period we will be taking will be from 2015 onwards. So, without further ado, here are the best modern Formula One drivers to have never won a world championship. The stats taken are until the 2023 Saudi Arabian GP.

Valterri Bottas

If there is an example of the perfect teammate, it is Valterri Bottas. The Finn was Lewis Hamilton’s partner for the most part of his absolutely breathtaking run of form in the previous decade, and his contribution to the seven time world champion has been absolutely crucial. Bottas is one of the most experienced and consistent drivers on the grid. The Finn has started 203 races so far in his career for Williams, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo, winning 10 of them.

20310Williams, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo

Daniel Ricciardo

Despite being one of the most talented drivers on the grid, and the king of late breaking, Daniel Ricciardo never managed to win a world championship. To be quite honest, he never really reached his true potential and fans only got to see glimpses of the greatness that he was born with. The Australian has taken part in 232 races for five teams and won eight times.

2328HRT, Toro Rosso, Red Bull, Renault, McLaren

Sergio Perez

A consistent racer and one of the nicest human beings Formula One has ever seen, Sergio Perez is perhaps the most loved racer on the grid. Checo has been a massive hit at Red Bull in the past three years, scoring points week in week out and challenging for podiums on a regular basis. Before this, he was a part of Racing Point with who he won his very first race from the back of the grid. The Mexican has competed in 240 races and won five times.

2405Sauber, McLaren, Racing Point/Force India, Red Bull

Charles Leclerc

We’re not suggesting Charles Leclerc will never win a world championship, but we would’ve loved it if he already became the first man since Kimi Raikkonen in 2007 to win with Ferrari. However, things at the Scuderia have been topsy turvy at best ever since the Monegasque joined, and his frustration with the Italian outfit is no secret. Leclerc has started 105 races and won five.

1-55Sauber, Ferrari