F1 track statistics: All you need to know about the Circuit de Monaco

The Grand Prix de Monaco, also known as the Monaco Grand Prix, is an annual Formula One racing competition held on the Circuit de Monaco in late May or early June. It has been running since 1929 and is regarded as one of the most significant and prestigious auto races in the world. Along with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it is one of the competitions that make up the Triple Crown of Motorsport. One of the most difficult tracks in Formula One, the race is held on a constrained course that is laid out in the streets of Monaco and features numerous elevation changes, narrow turns, and the tunnel. The Monaco circuit is risky to race on despite the relatively low average speeds because of how narrow the track is and how frequently a safety car must intervene. It is the only Grand Prix that deviates from the FIA’s requirement that F1 races have a minimum race distance of 305 kilometres (190-miles).

The inaugural Monaco Grand Prix took place on April 14, 1929, and it later joined the European Championship prior to World War II and the inaugural World Championship of Drivers in 1950. In 1955 and 1963, it was given the honorary title of “European Grand Prix,” which was given to one Grand Prix race in Europe each year. Due to his five victories in Monaco in the 1960s, Graham Hill gained the nickname “Mr. Monaco”[8]. More than any other driver, Ayrton Senna has won the race six times, including five straight times between 1989 and 1993.

Most wins

Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian motorsport legend is the most successful driver to have ever taken part in the Monaco GP with six wins under his belt. Following him is the pair of the Michael Schumacher and and Graham Hill with five wins each. Alain Prost comes in at P3 with four wins.

Ayrton Senna6
Michael Schumacher, Graham Hill5
Alain Prost4

Most pole positions

Ayrton Senna once again is the man with the most number of pole positions in Monaco. The Brazilian started the race from P1 on five different occasions. Juan Manuel Fangio, Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost and Jim Clark comes in second place with four poles each. For third place, there is a tie between some of the best drivers to have ever raced in F1. The likes of Michael Schumacher, Stirling Moss and Niki Lauda have had three poles each in Monaco.

Ayrton Senna6
Michael Schumacher, Graham Hill5
Alain Prost4

Most wins (Constructors)

McLaren have been the most successful team by far to have ever taken part in the Monaco GP with a whopping 15 wins under their belt. Ferrari comes in at second place with 10 wins, followed by Mercedes with eight. Red Bull Racing are in fifth with six wins at the circuit but it seems likely that they will make it seven after the 2023 Monaco GP.


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