Who has the most wins in a calendar year in UFC?

The UFC is a platform where fighters strive for greatness, pushing themselves to their limits in pursuit of victory. Roger Huerta, Neil Magny, Kevin Holland, Donald Cerrone, and Thiago Santos have all left an indelible mark in UFC history by achieving multiple wins in a single calendar year. Their dedication, skill and unwavering commitment to excellence serve as inspiration for future generations of fighters. UFC stands as the pinnacle of competition, showcasing the best fighters from around the globe.

Roger Huerta

Roger Huerta made waves in the UFC with an exceptional display of skill and determination earning an astonishing five victories in a single calendar year. Huerta demonstrated his relentless pursuit of excellence. He defeated formidable opponents and captivated audiences with his thrilling performances. His ability to consistently deliver stellar performances throughout the year solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division.

Neil Magny

Neil Magny showcased his dominance inside the Octagon by achieving an impressive five wins within a calendar year. His ability to adapt to different opponents and employ a well-rounded skill set allowed him to overcome challenges and secure victories. Magny’s consistent performances demonstrated his remarkable resilience and unwavering determination to succeed. His success in accumulating a series of wins within a single year propelled him to the forefront of the welterweight division.

Kevin Holland

Kevin Holland burst onto the scene with a breakout year, amassing an impressive five victories in a single calendar year. His dynamic fighting style combined with his charismatic personality. That made him a fan favorite. Holland’s ability to adapt to different opponents and finish fights in an exciting fashion set him apart from his peers. His breakout year propelled him into the spotlight and established him as a rising star in the middleweight division.

Thiago Santos

Thiago Santos displayed incredible resilience and determination in his journey to secure four wins in a single calendar year. Despite facing significant challenges, including recovering from knee surgery, Santos showcased his power, explosiveness, and striking prowess in his victories. Santos’ ability to overcome adversity and maintain his position as a top contender in the light heavyweight division earned him the respect of both fans and fellow fighters. His performances serve as a testament to his unwavering spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Roger Huerta20075
Neil Magny20145
Kevin Holland20205
Neil Magny20154
Donald Cerrone20114
Thiago Santos20184
Chris Leben20063
Daron Cruickshank20143
Uriah Hall20153
Greg Hardy20192
Andre Fialho20222

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