Who has the most submission in UFC history?

In the world of mixed martial arts, achieving a submission victory is considered a true testament to a fighter’s technical prowess and grappling skills. Throughout the history of the UFC, numerous fighters have showcased their ability to force their opponents into submission. The submission records held by Charles Oliveira, Jim Miller, Demian Maia, Royce Gracie, and Nate Diaz exemplify the importance of grappling in the UFC. These fighters have displayed a deep understanding of submission techniques, showcasing their technical prowess and their ability to exploit openings on the ground. Their contributions have not only entertained fans but have also elevated the significance of grappling in the sport. As the UFC continues to evolve, the legacies of these submission kings will continue to inspire future generations of fighters to hone their ground skills and strive for excellence in the art of submissions.

Charles Oliveira

At the top of the submission charts sits Brazilian sensation Charles Oliveira, with an astonishing 16 submissions to his name. Oliveira’s versatility on the ground is unmatched, and he has showcased a range of submission finishes throughout his career. From his lethal guillotine chokes to his suffocating rear-naked chokes, Oliveira has established himself as one of the most dangerous submission artists in the UFC. His ability to seamlessly transition between submissions has led him to victory against notable opponents, solidifying his status as a force to be reckoned with on the ground.

Jim Miller

Miller, a veteran lightweight fighter, has consistently showcased his submission acumen throughout his UFC career. Known for his gritty style and slick submission setups, Miller has secured memorable victories by applying various chokes and joint manipulations. Maia has showcased world-class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu throughout his career, often overwhelming opponents with his technical expertise on the ground.

Royce Gracie

Considered one of the pioneers of submission grappling in the UFC. Royce Gracie revolutionized the sport with his exceptional ground game. With 10 submissions to his name, Gracie’s ability to neutralize opponents and secure fight-ending submissions. Such as armbars and rear-naked chokes, became his trademark. His early dominance in the Octagon showcased the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and laid the foundation for the importance of grappling in mixed martial arts.

Nate Diaz

Known for his relentless style and tenacity, Nate Diaz has accumulated 10 submissions in his UFC career. Diaz’s grappling skills, particularly his ability to lock in triangle chokes and guillotine variations. It has been instrumental in his success inside the Octagon. His willingness to engage in grappling exchanges and his knack for finishing fights on the ground have made him a fan favorite and a respected submission specialist.

SL No.FighterTotal Submission
1.Charles Oliveira16
2.Jim Miller11
3.Demian Maia11
4.Royce Gracie10
5.Nate Diaz10
6.Gerald Meerschaert9
7.Gunnar Nelson8
8.Frank Mir8

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