Who has the most knockout wins in the heavyweight division in UFC?

The heavyweight division in the UFC has produced some of the most awe-inspiring knockout artists in the history of mixed martial arts, and the fighters mentioned above have proven themselves to be at the top of this elite list. Derrick Lewis, with his 13 knockout wins, stands out as the most dominant knockout artist in the division. However, Cain Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Francis Ngannou, and Andrei Arlovski have also left a lasting impact with their own knockout prowess. Leaving fans on the edge of their seats every time they step into the octagon. Nevertheless, the legacy of these fighters will remain etched in UFC history. A testament to their devastating knockout power and their ability to leave a lasting impression on every opponent they faced.

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis, also known as “The Black Beast,” stands tall as the undisputed leader in the heavyweight division when it comes to knockout wins. Boasting a phenomenal record of 13 knockout victories. Lewis possesses one-punch knockout power that can turn the tide of a fight at any moment. His enormous strength, combined with his uncanny ability to close the distance and land heavy shots makes him a formidable force in the division.

One of Lewis’s most iconic knockout wins came in 2017 when he faced Travis Browne. In a thrilling back-and-forth battle, Lewis unleashed a monstrous right hand that left Browne unconscious on the mat. The knockout not only showcased Lewis’s punching power but also earned him the Performance of the Night bonus. Further solidifying his reputation as one of the most dangerous knockout artists in UFC history.

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion, is renowned for his relentless aggression and relentless pursuit of victory. With an impressive tally of 10 knockout wins, Velasquez utilized his combination of boxing and wrestling skills to dominate his opponents inside the octagon. Velasquez’s ability to close the distance and deliver devastating ground-and-pound strikes made him a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight division.

One of Velasquez’s most memorable knockout victories came in his title-winning bout against Brock Lesnar in 2010. Displaying his relentless ground-and-pound. Velasquez overwhelmed Lesnar with a barrage of punches forcing the referee to intervene and declare him the new UFC Heavyweight Champion. This victory showcased Velasquez’s unparalleled determination and ability to finish fights in an emphatic fashion.

Junior Dos Santos

Hailing from Brazil, Junior Dos Santos, often referred to as “Cigano,” is another heavyweight standout with 10 knockout wins to his name. Known for his crisp boxing technique and knockout power, Dos Santos has dismantled several top-tier opponents in the division with his precise striking and deadly combinations.

One of Dos Santos’s most remarkable knockout victories came in 2011 when he faced Cain Velasquez in their first encounter for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. In a thrilling bout, Dos Santos connected with a powerful overhand right that sent Velasquez crashing to the canvas in the very first round. This stunning knockout secured Dos Santos the title, and his boxing skills earned him the reputation as one of the best knockout artists in the division.

Francis Ngannou

Francis “The Predator” Ngannou has taken the heavyweight division by storm with his terrifying knockout ability. With 10 knockout wins, Ngannou’s raw power and menacing striking have made him one of the most feared fighters in UFC history. Standing at an imposing 6 feet 4 inches tall and tipping the scales at over 250 pounds, Ngannou possesses an unrivaled combination of size and athleticism.

One of Ngannou’s most unforgettable knockout victories came in 2017 when he faced Alistair Overeem. In a jaw-dropping display of power, Ngannou uncorked a vicious uppercut that lifted Overeem off his feet and rendered him unconscious upon impact. This thunderous knockout not only earned Ngannou the Performance of the Night bonus but also solidified his status as a terrifying knockout artist and a future UFC Heavyweight title challenger.

Andrei Arlovski

Despite being one of the more seasoned fighters in the heavyweight division, Andrei Arlovski has maintained his place as a knockout threat with 9 knockout wins. The Belarusian-born fighter possesses a wealth of experience and a diverse striking arsenal that includes powerful punches and swift kicks.

One of Arlovski’s most impressive knockout victories came in 2015 when he faced Travis Browne. In a back-and-forth slugfest, Arlovski showcased his striking proficiency, eventually landing a series of devastating punches that sent Browne crashing to the mat. This thrilling knockout secured Arlovski the victory and further highlighted his ability to finish fights in a thrilling fashion.

SL No.FighterKnockouts
1.Derrick Lewis13
2.Cain Velasquez10
3.Junior Dos Santos10
4.Francis Ngannou10
5.Andrei Arlovski9
6.Alistair Overeem9
7.Stipe Miocic9
8.Roy Nelson8
9.Matt Mitrione8
10.Mark Hunt7

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