Who has the most finishes in the title bouts by division in UFC?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has witnessed some of the most awe-inspiring performances in its history. These fighters have etched their names in UFC history through their incredible finishing records in title bouts. Stipe Miocic, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Amanda Nunes, and Ronda Rousey all hold a special place in the hearts of fight fans due to their exceptional skill sets, finishing abilities, and relentless pursuit of greatness. Their accomplishments serve as a source of inspiration for aspiring fighters and continue to shape the landscape of mixed martial arts.

Stipe Miocic

The Cleveland-based fighter has four finishes in title bouts, an impressive feat given the division’s raw power and unpredictability. Miocic’s exceptional striking, wrestling, and ring IQ have seen him defeat formidable opponents such as Junior dos Santos, Francis Ngannou, and Alistair Overeem. His ability to adapt and execute his game plan with precision makes him one of the most dominant champions in UFC history.

Jon Jones

Jon “Bones” Jones with six finishes in UFC title bouts. Jones has redefined what it means to be a complete mixed martial artist. His uncanny reach, technical striking, and creative ground game have thwarted the best in the division, including Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, Lyoto Machida, and Daniel Cormier. Jones’ legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all time is solidified by his exceptional performance in title fights.

Anderson Silva

In the Middleweight division, no one comes close to the legendary Anderson “The Spider” Silva. With a jaw-dropping nine finishes in UFC title bouts. Silva’s reign of terror was nothing short of awe-inspiring. His impeccable striking, unorthodox movement and deadly precision mesmerized fans and opponents alike. Silva’s impressive finishing rate is a testament to his dominance in the middleweight division.

Amanda Nunes

Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes with two finishes in UFC title bouts in the Women’s Featherweight division. Nunes’ relentless aggression, knockout power, and versatile skill set have made her the most dominant female fighter in MMA history. With victories over Cris Cyborg and Felicia Spencer, Nunes has proven herself as an unstoppable force in the women’s featherweight division.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey has left an unforgettable mark in the Women’s Bantamweight division. Rousey secured six finishes in UFC title bouts. She established herself as a trailblazer for women in MMA. Her exceptional judo background and devastating armbar technique made her an unstoppable force in her prime. Rousey’s electrifying performances and dominant reign as champion paved the way for the growth of women’s MMA.

Stipe MiocicHeavyweight4
Jon JonesLight Heavyweight6
Anderson SilvaMiddleweight9
Matt HughesWelterweight8
B. J. PennLightweight4
Max HollowayFeatherweight4
T.J. DillashawBantamweight5
Demetrious JohnsonFlyweight7
Amanda Nunes
Cris Cyborg
Women’s Featherweight2
Ronda RouseyWomen’s Bantamweight6
Valentina ShevchenkoWomen’s Flyweight4
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Rose Namajunas
Women’s Strawweight2

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