Who has the most finishes in the heavyweight division in UFC?

The Heavyweight division in the UFC has witnessed some of the most incredible finishes in the history of mixed martial arts. Within the high-octane world of the UFC, the Heavyweight division stands as a powerhouse, boasting fighters with devastating knockout power and impressive submission skills. While each fighter brings their own unique talents to the octagon, a select few have managed to rise above the rest with their incredible ability to finish their opponents. Among the elite contenders, Frank Mir and Derrick Lewis have etched their names in UFC history with an impressive 13 finishes each, setting the bar high for all future heavyweights to come.

Frank Mir

Frank Mir is a seasoned veteran of the sport. He has consistently been a force to be reckoned with in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. His grappling prowess and submission skills have set him apart from the competition. With 13 finishes under his belt. Mir’s career highlights are a testament to his ability to capitalize on his opponents’ weaknesses and secure victory in the most dominant fashion.

One of Mir’s most iconic finishes came in 2004 when he faced Tim Sylvia for the interim Heavyweight title. Despite being the underdog, Mir exhibited his technical prowess, trapping Sylvia in an armbar that forced the tap-out. This victory showcased his uncanny ability to exploit his opponent’s weaknesses on the ground, earning him both the interim and undisputed Heavyweight titles in his illustrious career.

Derrick Lewis

Known for his moniker “The Black Beast,” Derrick Lewis is a knockout artist who has struck fear into the hearts of many Heavyweight opponents. With 13 finishes to his name, Lewis’s knockout power and unrelenting striking have made him one of the most feared fighters in the division’s history. One of Lewis’s most memorable finishes occurred in 2017 when he faced Travis Browne. In the second round, Lewis landed a thunderous right hand, leaving Browne unconscious on the canvas. The knockout not only demonstrated Lewis’s raw power but also earned him the Performance of the Night bonus, solidifying his reputation as a devastating knockout machine.

Andrei Arlovski

Andrei Arlovski has showcased his longevity and resilience in the Heavyweight division. Armed with an arsenal of striking skills, Arlovski has earned 11 finishes during his tenure with the promotion. While his knockout ability is well-known, Arlovski has also demonstrated his proficiency in submissions, making him a well-rounded threat to any opponent.

One of Arlovski’s most significant finishes came in 2005 when he faced Paul Buentello. Displaying his boxing finesse, Arlovski delivered a barrage of punches, forcing the referee to intervene and declare him the winner by TKO. This victory not only showcased his striking abilities but also earned him the Knockout of the Night accolade, further cementing his status as a top-tier finisher in the Heavyweight division.

Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Gonzaga hailing from Brazil has proven himself to be a formidable submission artist in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. With 11 finishes to his name, Gonzaga’s grappling skills have earned him a reputation as a dangerous opponent on the ground.

One of Gonzaga’s most memorable finishes occurred in 2007 when he faced the legendary Mirko Cro Cop. In an astonishing upset, Gonzaga executed a devastating head-kick knockout, sending shockwaves through the MMA world. This spectacular finish earned him the Knockout of the Year award and further solidified his place among the division’s top finishers.

Stefan Struve

Stefan Struve has utilized his incredible reach advantage to secure finishes against some of the Heavyweight division’s most formidable opponents. With 11 finishes in his UFC career, Struve’s long limbs and submission skills have made him a challenging adversary for anyone who steps into the octagon with him.

One of Struve’s most remarkable finishes came in 2012 when he faced Stipe Miocic. Displaying his striking versatility, Struve secured a second-round TKO victory with a barrage of punches and knees. Showcasing the devastating effect of his long reach on his opponents. This victory not only highlighted Struve’s finishing ability but also demonstrated his potential to compete at the highest levels of the division.

SL No.FighterFinishes
1.Frank Mir13
2.Derrick Lewis11
3.Andrei Arlovski11
4.Gabriel Gonzaga11
5.Stefan Struve11
6.Francis Ngannou11
7.Cain Velasquez10
8.Junior Dos Santos10
9.Alistair Overeem9
10.Stipe Miocic9

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