Who has the fastest finishes by division in UFC?

When it comes to mixed martial arts, speed and precision can be the difference between victory and defeat. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), fighters strive to showcase their skills and finish their opponents in the fastest time possible. Throughout the history of the UFC, there have been some remarkable displays of lightning-fast finishes across various weight divisions. It becomes evident that a moment of brilliance and technique can change the course of an MMA bout in an instant. These fighters have left an indelible mark in UFC history, showcasing the importance of being prepared for anything in the octagon.

Heavyweight Division

Todd Duffee stands as the record holder for the fastest finish with an astonishing 0.07-second victory. Duffee achieved this feat at UFC 102 in 2009 when he faced Tim Hague. The bell rang, and before anyone could blink. Duffee landed a massive right hand that sent Hague crashing to the canvas. The referee swiftly stepped in to stop the contest making it one of the most spectacular knockouts in UFC history.

Light-heavyweight Division

Ryan Jimmo shares the record with Todd Duffee also boasting a 0.07-second victory. Jimmo’s incredible performance came at UFC 149 in 2012. When he faced Anthony Perosh, with lightning speed. Jimmo connected with a powerful right hand right at the beginning of the bout dropping Perosh instantly and sealing the victory.

Middleweight Division

Mark Weir etched his name in the record books with a lightning-fast victory of 0.10 seconds at UFC 38 in 2002. Weir faced Eugene Jackson in a highly anticipated showdown. The moment the referee signaled the start of the bout. Weir unleashed a perfectly timed kick that caught Jackson off guard leading to a swift knockout.

Welterweight Division

Jorge Masvidal holds the title for the fastest finish an incredible 0.05 seconds. Masvidal’s iconic knockout occurred at UFC 239 in 2019 when he squared off against Ben Askren. As soon as the fight started Masvidal charged forward and landed a flying knee that caught Askren flush on the jaw. Sending him crashing to the canvas in just 0.05 seconds.

Lightweight Division

Terrance McKinney secured the fastest finish with a jaw-dropping 0.07-second victory. McKinney achieved this remarkable feat at UFC 263 in 2021 when he faced Matt Frevola. Just seconds into the fight, McKinney connected with a blistering right hand, putting Frevola down and out in an astonishing display of speed and precision.

HeavyweightTodd Duffee0.07
Light-heavyweight Ryan Jimmo0.07
MiddleweightMark Weir0.10
WelterweightJorge Masvidal0.05
LightweightTerrance McKinney0.07
FeatherweightChan Sung Jung0.07
BantamweightErik Perez0.17
FlyweightDustin Ortiz0.15
Women’s FeatherweightAmanda Nunes0.51
Women’s BantamweightRonda Rousey0.14
Women’s FlyweightPriscila Cachoeira0.40
Women’s StrawweightDenise Gomes0.20

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