Who are the fighters with the most PPV main events in UFC?

The UFC has witnessed countless historic moments and electrifying matchups throughout its history. One particular measure of a fighter’s impact and popularity lies in their ability to headline pay-per-view (PPV) events, captivating audiences around the globe. These legendary warriors have not only displayed remarkable skill and tenacity inside the Octagon but have also become household names, drawing in fans with their awe-inspiring performances and captivating personalities

Randy Couture

With an impressive total of 18 PPV main events, Randy Couture is a legend in the sport. The former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion showcased his versatility and determination throughout his career. Couture’s notable main events include his battles against the likes of Chuck Liddell, Tim Sylvia, and Brock Lesnar, cementing his status as one of the most iconic fighters in UFC history.

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva as one of the greatest middleweights of all time, Anderson Silva boasts 17 PPV main events. Known for his exceptional striking and elusive style, Silva captivated fans with his memorable bouts against Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, and Rich Franklin. His reign as champion and his unmatched showmanship made him a fan favorite and a consistent draw for the promotion.

Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz, a former UFC light heavyweight champion. Ortiz’s fierce rivalries with the likes of Chuck Liddell, Ken Shamrock, and Forrest Griffin provided fans with thrilling main-event spectacles. His brash personality and explosive fighting style made him a polarizing figure and a major attraction during his time in the Octagon.

Jon Jones

Regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time, Jon Jones has headlined 16 PPV events. Jones’ dominant performances and technical skills have been on display in his battles against Daniel Cormier, Alexander Gustafsson, and Rampage Jackson. Despite some controversies outside the cage, Jones’ in-cage excellence has solidified his status as a marquee draw in the sport.

George St-Pierre

George St-Pierre, a former welterweight champion, has headlined 13 PPV events. St-Pierre’s exceptional athleticism and well-rounded skill set made him a formidable force in the Octagon. His notable main event matchups include his fights against Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, and Nick Diaz. St-Pierre’s professionalism, humility, and consistent success earned him a loyal fan base and secured his legacy as one of the greatest fighters in UFC history.

SL No.FighterDivisionTotal Main Events
1.Randy CoutureLight Heavyweight18
2.Anderson SilvaMiddleweight17
3.Tito OrtizLight Heavyweight16
4.Jon JonesLight Heavyweight16
5.George St-PierreWelterweight13

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