Vitor Belfort stats: How good was “The Phenom” in his MMA career?

Vitor Belfort is commonly known as “The Phenom,”. He is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who has left an indelible mark on the sport of MMA. With his explosive knockout power and versatile fighting style, Belfort enjoyed a successful career competing in various weight classes. In this article, we will delve into Vitor Belfort’s career statistics, assess his accomplishments, and analyze his impact on the sport.

Vitor Belfort Career Statistics

Overall Record: 26 wins, 14 losses, 1 no contest

Weight Classes Competed:

  • Heavyweight (205+ lbs)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)
  • Middleweight (185 lbs)


  • UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • Pride Fighting Championships
  • Strikeforce

Notable Opponents Faced:

  • Anderson Silva
  • Randy Couture
  • Dan Henderson
  • Jon Jones
  • Luke Rockhold

Now, let’s delve into a detailed breakdown of Vitor Belfort’s career statistics

Total Fights41
No Contest1
Knockout Wins18
Submission Wins3
Decision Wins5
Losses by Knockout7
Losses by Submission2
Losses by Decision5

Knockout Wins

Vitor Belfort’s most notable attribute was his explosive knockout power. Throughout his career, he secured 18 knockout victories, demonstrating his ability to end fights with devastating strikes.

Submission Wins

While known for his striking, Belfort also possessed grappling skills. He secured 3 victories by submission, showcasing his ability to finish fights on the ground.

Decision Wins

Belfort secured victories by the decision on 5 occasions, demonstrating his ability to outscore opponents and implement effective game plans over the course of a fight.

Losses by Knockout

Belfort experienced losses by knockout during his career, highlighting the risks involved in the sport and the caliber of opponents he faced.

Losses by Submission

While Belfort’s submission defense was solid, he suffered losses by submission. These setbacks showcased the grappling skills of his opponents.

Losses by Decision

Belfort experienced losses by decision, often against opponents who were able to neutralize his strengths and outscore him on the judges’ scorecards.

Notable Victories and Highlights

Vitor Belfort’s career is marked by several notable victories and memorable moments. Some of his significant wins include:

  • Knockout victory over Wanderlei Silva in their highly anticipated rematch at Pride 31.
  • Knockout victories over Rich Franklin, Luke Rockhold, and Michael Bisping, showcasing his knockout power against high-profile opponents.
  • Submission victory over Matt Lindland to capture the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 37.5.

Legacy and Impact

Vitor Belfort’s impact on the sport of MMA is significant. As one of the sport’s pioneers, he showcased incredible knockout power and fought against some of the best fighters of his era. Belfort’s exciting fighting style and longevity in the sport made him a fan favorite.

In conclusion, Vitor Belfort’s MMA career was defined by his explosive knockout power and versatility in different weight classes. With a record of 26 wins, 14 losses, and 1 no-contest, his statistics reflect his proficiency as a striker and his ability to secure victories in various ways. Belfort’s impact on the sport, his notable victories, and his status as one of the most recognized fighters of his era solidify his legacy as “The Phenom” of MMA.

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