The most prolific finishers in UFC history

The UFC is renowned for its explosive action and thrilling finishes, and there are certain fighters who excel at delivering those memorable moments. Charles Oliveira, Jim Miller, Donald Cerrone, Matt Brown, and Dustin Poirier have all left a trail of defeated opponents in their wake, showcasing their diverse skills and relentless determination to secure victory inside the Octagon. From bone-crushing knockouts to expertly executed submissions, these fighters have captivated fans with their ability to bring a definitive end to their fights.

Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira stands atop the list of most finishes in UFC history with an astounding 20 finishes. Known for his exceptional grappling skills, Oliveira has utilized his submission prowess to secure victory in the Octagon. His ability to seamlessly transition between submission holds has baffled opponents and earned him numerous Performance of the Night bonuses. Oliveira’s relentless pursuit of the finish has cemented his status as one of the most dangerous fighters in the lightweight division.

Jim Miller

Jim Miller, a seasoned veteran of the UFC, sits second on the list with 17 finishes. With an aggressive fighting style and an unwavering determination, Miller has consistently delivered memorable performances inside the Octagon. Known for his tenacity and relentless pace, he has showcased his finishing abilities with a diverse range of techniques, including submissions and knockouts. Miller’s longevity in the sport and his ability to adapt to different opponents have solidified his reputation as a dangerous threat in the lightweight division.

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone, widely recognized for his exciting fighting style, boasts an impressive 16 finishes in the UFC. Cerrone’s aggressive striking and willingness to engage in all-out wars have endeared him to fans worldwide. Renowned for his devastating head kicks and dynamic striking combinations, “Cowboy” has consistently put on thrilling performances inside the Octagon. With his relentless pursuit of victory and his never-back-down mentality, Cerrone has become one of the most beloved and feared finishers in the welterweight division.

Matt Brown

Matt Brown’s relentless approach to fighting has earned him a spot among the UFC’s top finishers, with 15 finishes to his name. Known for his unyielding pressure and powerful striking, Brown has delivered spectacular knockouts throughout his career. His ferocious fighting style and ability to endure punishment have produced unforgettable moments inside the Octagon. Brown’s relentless pursuit of the finish and his willingness to engage in thrilling exchanges have made him a fan favorite in the welterweight division.

Dustin Poirier

Dustin Poirier, a former interim lightweight champion, has showcased his finishing abilities with 14 finishes in the UFC. Combining technical proficiency with relentless determination, Poirier has displayed his striking prowess and submission skills against elite competition. His ability to weather storms and deliver devastating counterattacks has made him a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division. Poirier’s exciting fighting style, heart, and determination have consistently provided fans with thrilling finishes and memorable performances.

SL No.FighterFinishes
1.Charles Oliveira 20
2.Jim Miller17
3.Donald Cerrone 16
4.Matt Brown 15
5.Dustin Poirier 14
6.Vitor Belfort14
7.Anderson Silva 14

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