Lyoto Machida stats: How good was “The Dragon” in his MMA career?

Lyoto Machida stats: He is famously known as “The Dragon.” He is a Brazilian mixed martial artist with a storied career that left a lasting impact on the sport of MMA. With his elusive karate-based striking style, elusive footwork, and disciplined approach, Machida became a formidable force in the UFC and beyond. In this article, we will explore Lyoto Machida’s career statistics, assess his achievements, and examine his legacy as one of the most unique and skilled fighters in MMA history.

Lyoto Machida Career Statistics

Overall Record: 26 wins, 12 losses

Weight Classes Competed:

  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)
  • Middleweight (185 lbs)


  • UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • Bellator MMA

Notable Opponents Faced:

  • Rashad Evans
  • Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
  • Jon Jones
  • Chris Weidman
  • Gegard Mousasi

Now, let’s delve into a detailed breakdown of Lyoto Machida career stats

Total Fights38
Knockout Wins11
Submission Wins2
Decision Wins13
Losses by Knockout4
Losses by Submission2
Losses by Decision6

Knockout Wins: Lyoto Machida’s karate background and elusive striking style allowed him to secure 11 knockout victories. His ability to strike from unorthodox angles and land powerful kicks made him a dangerous striker in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions.

Submission Wins: While not primarily known for his ground game, Machida secured 2 victories by submission, showcasing his well-rounded skills and the ability to capitalize on opportunities on the mat.

Decision Wins: Machida’s disciplined approach and elusive footwork often led to victories by decision. With 13 wins by decision, he demonstrated his ability to outpoint his opponents and control the pace of the fight.

Losses by Knockout: Despite his elusive style, Machida endured 4 losses by knockout, serving as a reminder of the risks involved in the sport and the caliber of opponents he faced.

Losses by Submission: Machida suffered 2 losses by submission, highlighting the challenges he faced against skilled grapplers who could exploit his ground game vulnerabilities.

Losses by Decision: Machida also experienced 6 losses by decision, often against opponents who were able to neutralize his strengths and outscore him on the judges’ scorecards.

Notable Victories and Highlights

Lyoto Machida’s career is marked by several notable victories and memorable moments. Some of his significant wins include:

  • Becoming the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion by defeating Rashad Evans at UFC 98.
  • Knockout victories over top-ranked fighters such as Randy Couture, Ryan Bader, and Vitor Belfort.
  • His signature “Machida Era” moment was when he knocked out Rashad Evans with a spectacular crane kick at UFC 98.

Legacy and Impact

Lyoto Machida’s impact on the sport of MMA goes beyond his statistics. His karate-based striking style brought a unique dimension to the Octagon, inspiring a new generation of fighters to incorporate traditional martial arts techniques into their repertoire. Machida’s elusive footwork and disciplined approach perplexed opponents and made him a challenging puzzle to solve.

In conclusion, Lyoto Machida’s MMA career was defined by his elusive striking style, disciplined approach, and well-rounded skills. With a record of 26 wins and 12 losses, his statistics reflect his proficiency as a striker and his ability to secure victories in various ways. Machida’s impact on the sport, his championship success, and his memorable victories against top-ranked opponents solidify his legacy as “The Dragon” of MMA, forever remembered for his unique and influential fighting style.

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