Ken Shamrock stats: How good was “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” in his MMA career?

Ken Shamrock stats: He is a retired American mixed martial artist, is a true legend in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA). Known for his incredible toughness, submission skills, and iconic rivalry with Royce Gracie, Shamrock played a pivotal role in the early development and popularization of MMA. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of Ken Shamrock’s career statistics, highlighting his achievements and notable fights in a detailed table format.

Ken Shamrock Career Statistics

Overall Record: 28 wins, 17 losses, 2 draws

Total Fights – 4728172
Decision Wins32

Weight Classes Competed:

  • Heavyweight (200+ lbs)
  • Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)
  • Middleweight (185 lbs)


  • UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • Pride Fighting Championships
  • Pancrase
  • Bellator MMA

Notable Opponents Faced:

  • Royce Gracie
  • Dan Severn
  • Tito Ortiz
  • Bas Rutten
  • Kazushi Sakuraba

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Now, let’s delve into a more comprehensive breakdown of Ken Shamrock’s career statistics.

Total Fights: 47

Out of these 47 professional MMA bouts, Shamrock emerged victorious in 28 fights, suffered 17 losses, and had 2 draws.

Knockouts: 3

While Shamrock was primarily known for his submission skills, he secured 3 victories via knockout, showcasing his striking power and ability to finish fights with his punches.

Submissions: 22

Shamrock’s submission skills were his trademark. He utilized his grappling expertise to secure 22 victories by making his opponents tap out, highlighting his exceptional ground game and submission acumen.

Decision Wins: 3

Shamrock’s ability to control fights and impose his will on opponents sometimes led to victories by decision. With 3 wins by decision, he demonstrated his tactical approach and ability to outscore his opponents.

Losses by KO: 11

Throughout his career, Shamrock suffered 11 losses by knockout. These setbacks serve as a testament to the risks involved in the sport and the caliber of opponents he faced.

Losses by Submission: 4

While known for his submission skills, Shamrock also experienced 4 losses by submission. These defeats showcased the level of competition he faced and the dangers of the ground game.

Losses by Decision: 2

Shamrock experienced 2 losses by decision, often against opponents who were able to neutralize his skills and secure victories on the judges’ scorecards.

UFC Superfight Championship Reign: Shamrock’s most notable accomplishment in his career was winning the inaugural UFC Superfight Championship. He defeated Dan Severn at UFC 6 in 1995 to become the first Superfight Champion, showcasing his dominance and versatility across weight classes.

Pride Fighting Championships and Pancrase Performances: While primarily known for his time in the UFC, Shamrock also competed in other prestigious promotions. He had notable fights in Pride Fighting Championships and Pancrase, showcasing his skills against top-level international competition.

Notable Victories and Highlights: Shamrock’s career is marked by several notable victories and memorable moments. Some of his significant wins include:

  • Submission victory over Bas Rutten at Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 2.
  • Submission victory over Dan Severn at UFC 6 to win the inaugural UFC Superfight Championship.
  • Victories over Maurice Smith and Kimo Leopoldo during his tenure in the UFC.

Retirement and Legacy

Ken Shamrock officially retired from professional MMA in 2019. His contributions to the sport, his submission prowess, and his role in popularizing MMA have solidified his legacy as a true pioneer and legend in the world of mixed martial arts.

In conclusion, Ken Shamrock’s career in mixed martial arts is defined by his toughness, submission skills, and status as a true pioneer in the sport. With an impressive record of 28 wins, 17 losses, and 2 draws, Shamrock’s legacy as one of the early stars of MMA is firmly established. His memorable victories, epic battles, and impact on the sport continue to inspire future generations of fighters and shape the landscape of mixed martial arts.

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