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Who is Bibisara Assaubayeva’s boyfriend? Know everything about her love life

Bibisara Assaubayeva is a Kazakh chess player and a rising superstar in the chess circuit. Assaubayeva holds the titles of International Master and Woman Grandmaster. She is the reigning two-time Women’s World Blitz Chess Champion. Assaubayeva was given the award of Outstanding Female Chess Player of 2021 in Asia by FIDE. She entered the Guinness World Records book in 2022, for her achievement as the youngest women’s World Blitz Chess Champion. Bibisara became the World Blitz Chess Champion at the young age of 17 in 2021 and later retained it in 2022. She was also part of the Kazakh team which won the bronze medal at the recently concluded Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Bibisara’s journey with chess started at a very young age of four years under the tutelage of her grandmother. She won her first city championship when she was six years old. Subsequently, she achieved the title of Woman FIDE Master in 2011. Bibisara won the World Youth Championships in Caldas Novas, Brazil in the Girls U8 section. In 2016 she moved with her family to Moscow and switched her federation affiliation to Russia. Subsequently, Assaubayeva won the gold medal at the World Cadets Championships in Georgia in the Girls U12 category. In the following year, she won silver in the Girls U14 division in Uruguay. Moreover, in 2017 Assaubayeva competed in the European Individual Championship in Minsk. Her form in the tournament was hot and cold which included three wins, three losses and four draws. Due to her superb performances, she gained a norm for the title of International Master.

In 2019 Assaubayeva decided to move back to Kazakhstan and switched her national federation. In March 2019 she made her debut in the Kazakhstani national team at the Women’s World Team Championship on the 3rd and 2nd boards and gained 5 points out of 9. This was the best performance by the entire team. In December 2021, she finished second behind Alexandra Kosteniuk in the Women’s World Rapid Championship, held in Poland. 2 days later she became the Women’s World Blitz champion, winning the event held with a round to spare and a score of 14/17. She went on to win around 13 games. Moreover, she defended her title as well in front of a home crowd in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Bibisara has a long way to go and given the performances she has shown, the young Kazak is sure gonna become a formidable player in the coming years.

Apart from her chessboard, Bibisara Assaubayeva has been a very quiet character when she is not playing. Moreover, when it comes to her personal life and love interest, there has been a very big question mark. Naturally, netizens have tried very hard to solve this enigma. So far, the netizens have been unsuccessful in revealing the young Kazak’s love interest.

Who is Bibisara Assaubayeva’s girlfriend?

Bibisara Assaubayeva is presently single and is not dating anyone. The Kazak international is only focused on her career as of now. Moreover, there are no reports of her past relationships. Nevertheless, as soon as there is any update on the internet, you can come and visit our website to check it.

Does Bibisara Assaubayeva have a child?

According to various online reports, Bibisara Assaubayeva does not have a child as of now. However, as soon as there is any update you can find the updated information on our website.

Know everything about her love life

Currently, the Kazak grandmaster is single and fully focused on her career. Bibisara Assaubayeva spends most of her time strategising for her chess battles. Currently, she is only committed to her sport and spends most of her time in the facilities to hone her skills. Apart from that she has been seen motivating young players from Kazakhstan.

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