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Warren Zaire-Emery Contract 2024: Know everything about his contract length and salary

Zaire-Emery is a defensive midfielder known for his physicality and outstanding technical abilities. His journey to professional football began with Paris Saint-Germain’s Academy, where his talent quickly stood out. He consistently played in higher age categories, impressing coaches along the way. In July 2022, he signed his first professional contract with PSG, a three-year commitment. On August 26, 2023, he notched his first assist for PSG, setting a record as the youngest player from the club to achieve this milestone since 2006.

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He further made history by assisting in a Champions League match, becoming the youngest French and PSG player to do so in the competition’s history. These achievements garnered global recognition, with The Guardian acknowledging him as one of the top players worldwide born in 2006. Born on March 8, 2006, Zaire-Emery is a rising star in French football. Making his professional debut for PSG in August 2022, he became the youngest player ever to represent the club. At just 16, he became PSG’s youngest-ever goalscorer and the youngest player to start in a UEFA Champions League knockout stage match.

His debut season culminated in winning the Ligue 1 title. Internationally, he has represented France from the under-16s to the under-21s, with his leadership qualities recognized when he was appointed captain of the under-21 team in September 2023, making him the youngest captain in three decades. He made his debut for France in November and has already scored his first goal for the France National team.

NameWarren Zaire-Emery
DOBMarch 8 2006
PositionCentral Midfielder
Domestic teamsParis Saint-Germain
Contract detailsParis Saint-Germain (Present-2025)

Early life

Warren Zaire-Emery was born in Montreuil, a Parisian suburb, and spent his early years in the Ile-de-France region. Football was in his blood as his father, Franck Emery, played professionally for Red Star FC, likely inspiring Zaire-Emery’s passion for the sport from a young age. Beginning his football journey at just four years old with the Aubervilliers club, Zaire-Emery showcased a natural talent that caught the attention of scouts, leading to his discovery by Paris Saint-Germain at the tender age of eight. By 15, he was already making waves beyond his age group, emerging as a pivotal player for PSG’s U19 team and earning a deserved promotion to the senior squad due to his exceptional skills and abilities.

Playing style

Warren Zaire-Emery has quickly become a standout player in Ligue 1, showcasing his dynamic playing style. As primarily a defensive midfielder, he mixes physicality with unexpected technical ability, being solid at both reclaiming possession and starting attacking plays, thus having much influence over midfield tempo. Remarkably composed and tactically aware for his age, Zaire-Emery consistently shows mature decision-making abilities, even in high-pressure situations. His skill set is diverse, having confident dribbling, precise passing, crisp deliveries to long-range distribution, and well-timed runs into scoring positions.

Defensively, he uses his awareness and tackling abilities to disrupt opponents’ plays. Overall, Zaire-Emery is a promising young talent with a bright future ahead, having technical abilities, tactical intelligence, and a versatile skill set that makes him a valuable asset for any team.

What are Warren Zaire-Emery’s contract details?

His contract runs till 2025, as reported by different sources. The contract between Warren Zaire Emery and Paris Saint-Germain was first signed in July, 2022. It will expire in the summer of 2025.

What is Warren Zaire-Emery’s contract duration?

  • Paris Saint-Germain (2022-present)

How much Warren Zaire-Emery is getting paid?

Warren Zaire-Emery currently earns 250k euros per year playing for Paris Saint-Germain. His contract expires in the summer of 2025.

What is Warren Zaire-Emery’s past contracts?

Due to Warren Zaire-Emery’s young age, he has only one professional contract. This contract was signed with his current club, Paris Saint-Germain, in July 2022, until June 30th, 2025. Prior to this, he progressed through the PSG Youth system.

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