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Who is Tom Kim’s girlfriend? Know everything about his love life(2024)

Tom Kim, born June 21, 2002, is a super-talented golfer from South Korea who is quickly becoming famous around the world. He grew up with golf in his blood, thanks to his dad who was also a golfer. Living in different countries like Australia and Thailand when he was a kid helped him learn new things and become an even better player. Even as a teenager, Tom was ready to turn pro in 2018 and compete against the best golfers.

He’s already won some important tournaments. In 2019, he showed everyone what he could do by winning a big competition in India. He didn’t slow down from there and even played in a major championship where the top players in the world go head-to-head. Tom has huge ambitions and he isn’t scared to go after his goal of playing full-time on the PGA Tour.

He’s already won a few PGA Tour tournaments and even won the same one twice in a row. Plus, he’s proving he can dominate anywhere by doing super well on both the PGA Tour and European Tour. It looks like Tom Kim is going to be a golf superstar for many years to come.

NameTom Kim
DOB21 June 2002
International career Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, USA
Current World Ranking20
Highest World Ranking11
Honours1x Korean Tour
1x Asian Tour
2x PGA Tour

Best Domestic Game

Tom Kim started his journey from Korea, and for sure his domestic career helped him to reach in the International limelight. We don’t know much about Tom Kim’s golf career before he went pro. But winning in South Korea helped him do well on the big Asian tours. Think of those early wins at home as practice – it’s why he’s such a great player now.

Best International Game

He’s won a bunch of tournaments, even winning the Shriners Children’s Open two years in a row. His best performance yet might be when he almost won The Open Championship, which is one of the hardest and most famous tournaments out there. He’s not just great in one place either – he wins all over the world! It’s hard to say which is his absolute best win, but those Shriner’s victories and his awesome showing at The Open prove he’s a rising star in the golf world.

Who is Tom Kim’s Girlfriend?

According to the latest update, as of 2024, Tom Kim is currently not in a relationship with anyone. Being a young professional golfer, he is currently focused on improving his skills and advancing his career in the game. Any further updates regarding his relationship status will be posted on the relevant website.

Does Tom Kim have kids?

Tom Kim does not have any children. However, if there is any news regarding his children that will be updated on the website.

Know Everything about his love life

Tom has achieved many remarkable achievements throughout his career including PGA tour and European Tour in a young age, at present Tom Kim is not dating anyone as he has to achieve more in his field ,he’s totally focused on his amazing golf career and winning tournaments. If there is any news regarding his relationship status that will be updated here.

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