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What Are Tom Kim’s Net Worth, Salary And Brand Endorsements?(2024)

Tom Kim is a South Korean golfer who’s taking the world by storm! Since his dad was also a golfer, he learned the game early and practise all the time. He lived in different countries as a kid – Australia, Thailand, and more – which probably helped him learn new skills and become a stronger player. Even though he was still a teenager, Tom turned professional in 2018, ready to take on the best in the world.

Kim’s already got some major wins under his belt. In 2019, he proved himself by winning a big tournament in India. He didn’t stop there and even went on to play in a PGA Championship where the best golfers compete. It’s clear that Tom dreams big and isn’t afraid to try and make it on the PGA Tour full-time.

His nickname, “Tom” (like Thomas the Tank Engine), fits his exciting style of play. He takes risks and hits amazing shots, making him so fun to watch. He’s already won several PGA Tour events, and the coolest part is he won the same tournament two years in a row, It’s also impressive how well he plays on both the PGA Tour and the European Tour, showing he can adapt and win anywhere. All signs point to Tom Kim having a long and successful career in golf.

NAME Tom Kim
DOB 21 June 2002
INTERNATIONAL CAREER Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, USA
HONOURS1x Korean Tour
1x Asian Tour
2x PGA Tour
NET WORTH$5 million

International Career

Despite being young, Tom Kim has already made a big splash on the international golf scene. He started strong, winning tournaments in the Philippines. Tom Kim started out winning tournaments all over Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. People noticed how good he was, so he got to play in even bigger tournaments on the Asian Tour. There, he won some major competitions in India and Singapore. Back in his home country of South Korea, he did well too and even earned a spot in the famous Open Championship. Now he’s playing on the biggest golf tour in the world, the PGA Tour. With his awesome skills and positive attitude, he even got picked to play for the International team in a big Presidents Cup competition. He’s become a superstar golfer who everyone is watching.

Domestic Career

Before becoming a famous golfer worldwide, Tom Kim got his start playing in his home country of South Korea. He competed in golf tournaments there and won some important ones. Even though we don’t know much about his time playing golf before becoming a professional, we know his success in South Korea helped him do well on bigger Asian tours. Playing golf in his home country was like practice that helped him become the amazing player he is today.

Tom Kim’s Net Worth

According to the reports the Net Worth of the professional Golfer Tom Kim is $5 million, his Golf career, salary and brand endorsements contribute to his net worth.

Tom Kim’s Salary

From Tom’s various Golf contracts and sponsors, Tom makes an annual salary of $1 million.

Tom Kim’s Brand Endorsements

With a remarkable Domestic and International career in golf, Tom Kim has achieved many titles at such a young age. He provides great value to the brands he is partnered and endorsed with like

  • Nike
  • Genesis USA

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