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Golf Stats: Who are the past winners of the Aramco Team Series?

The Aramco Team Series, which is a part of the Ladies European Tour (LET), was launched as a professional women’s golf tournament in 2020. This series comprises five global events occurring annually. Originally introduced as the Saudi Ladies Team International, the series evolved into the Aramco Team Series in 2021, featuring competitions in the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, and Saudi Arabia. Each offered a generous prize fund of US$1 million.

As of 2022, the tournament format has been modified, with teams vying over 36 holes during the first two days. The concluding day is reserved for the top 60 competitors and those who pass the cut, vie for the individual title. A balanced distribution of the US $1,000,000 prize between the team and individual events has also been instituted which replaced the previous 80/20 split.

The Aramco Team Series hosts a team challenge featuring 26 teams (previously 36 in 2020 and 2021), comprising three professionals and one amateur player each. Team captains, selected based on the Women’s World Golf Rankings, choose an additional player in a random sequence to join their team. The remaining team members, an amateur and a professional, are then randomly selected from the remaining pool. 

The scoring system operates on a ‘two-from-four’ basis, with the top two scores from each hole contributing to the team’s tally and enables amateurs to make significant contributions. Additionally, the individual competition scores are determined from the professionals’ performance on every hole.

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Who are the past winners of the Aramco Team Series?

The 2023 season of the Aramco Team Series kicked off with the first event taking place at the Laguna National Golf Resort Club in Singapore, where Pauline Roussin dominated with a score of 201 (68, 69, 64) to clinch the individual event. Meanwhile, Christine Wolf, Casandra Alexander, Eleanor Givens, and amateur Katsuko Blalock won the team event in Singapore. With round two of the Aramco Team Series all set to happen in Florida from May 19 to 21, 2023, let’s take a look at the past winners of the Aramco Team Series.

Individual winners

Season (Date)LocationWinnerScoreTo Par
2022 (12–14 May)Bangkok, ThailandManon De Roey203−13
2022 (16–18 Jun)London, EnglandBronte Law210−9
2022 (18–20 Aug)Sotogrande, SpainNelly Korda203−13
2022 (13–15 Oct)New York, United StatesLexi Thompson205−11
2022 (9–11 Nov)Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaChiara Noja203−13
2021 (8–10 Jul)London, EnglandMarianne Skarpnord206−13
2021 (5–7 Aug)Sotogrande, SpainAlison Lee201−15
2021 (14–16 Oct)New York, United StatesCharley Hull204−12
2021 (10–12 Nov)Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaPia Babnik200−16

Team winners

Season (Date)LocationWinnerScoreTo Par
2022 (12–13 May)Bangkok, ThailandWhitney Hillier (c), Chonlada Chayanun, Krista Bakker, Pattanan Amatanon (amateur)257−31
2022 (16–17 Jun)London, EnglandNicole Garcia (c), Kelly Whaley, Madelene Stavnar, Mia Baker (amateur)265−27
2022 (18–19 Aug)Sotogrande, SpainJessica Korda (c), Noora Komulainen,Tereza Melecká, Malcolm Borwick (amateur)255−33
2022 (13–14 Oct)New York, United StatesJohanna Gustavsson (c), Jessica Karlsson, Karolin Lampert, Jennifer Rosenberg (amateur)264−24
2022 (9–10 Nov)Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaNicole Garcia (c), Casandra Alexander, Tereza Melecká, Sonia Bayahya (amateur)259−29
2021 (8–10 Jul)London, EnglandOlivia Cowan (c), Sarina Schmidt, Diksha Dagar, Andrew Kelsey (amateur)397−41
2021 (5–7 Aug)Sotogrande, SpainAshleigh Buhai (c), Stacy Lee Bregman, Hayley Davis, Ignacio Morillo (amateur)397−35
2021 (14–16 Oct)New York, United StatesJessica Korda (c), Karolin Lampert, Lina Boqvist, Alexandra O’Laughlin (amateur)391−41
2021 (10–12 Nov)Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaEmily Kristine Pedersen (c), Hannah Burke, Krista Bakker, Ahmed Al Subaey (amateur)381−51

(Note – The list doesn’t include the 2020 season when the tournament was known as the Saudi Ladies Team International.)

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