Serie A: Teams with Most Points in a Season

Serie A is a professional league competition for football clubs in Italy. One of the most historic leagues in Europe and the world, the league works on a round-robin system since 1930. It is an integral part of the top five European Leagues. Owing to the performance of Italian clubs in the European competitions organized by UEFA, Serie A ranks third among the European leagues according to the UEFA’s league coefficient ranking.

Data Last Updated: July 15, 2022
S. NoTeamSeasonPointsCoachPosition that SeasonNumber of games wonGoal DifferenceGoals Scored
1Juventus2013-14102Antonio Conte1335780
2Inter Milan2006-0797Roberto Mancini1304680
3Juventus2017-1895Massimiliano Allegri1306286
4Juventus2015-1691Massimiliano Allegri1295575
5Inter Milan2020-2191Antonio Conte1285489
6Juventus2016-1791Massimiliano Allegri1295077
7Napoli2017-1891Maurizio Sarri2284877
8Juventus2018-1990Massimiliano Allegri1284070
9Roma2016-1787Luciano Spalletti2285290
10Juventus2014-1587Massimiliano Allegri1264872
11Juventus2012-1387Antonio Conte1274771
12AC Milan1950-5186Lajos Czeizler12668107
13Inter Milan1950-5186Giulio Cappelli/ Aldo Oliveri22764107
14Juventus1951-5286Jesse Carver/ Combi-Bertolini/ Gyorgy Sarosi1266498
15Napoli2016-1786Maurizio Sarri3265594

The Italian league has probably been the league which has attracted the best and greatest players of all time among all the leagues in Europe. These players have been part of some great Italian sides over the years. Let’s have look at the teams with the most points in a Serie A season.