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Liverpool vs Norwich City: How pleased was Jurgen Klopp with his players’ response after the recent shock development?

Liverpool were at their scintillating best to get past Norwich City 5-2 in the fourth round of the FA Cup. The Reds were at their usual best on Sunday, as they attacked with purpose at every given opportunity. Goals from Curtis Jones, Darwin Nunez, Diogo Jota, Virgil van Dijk and Ryan Gravenberch helped the Reds put up a brilliant performance in front of their supporters. What made the display extra special was the fact that it was the first match since their manager’s shock announcement on Friday.

Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool’s performance

Jurgen Klopp had announced that he will leave Liverpool at the end of the season, sending massive shockwaves across the football world. Hence, some wondered how his players would respond to that announcement when they take on Norwich City in the FA Cup fourth round tie. Asked about the professionalism of his team due to the recent development, Jurgen Klopp, quoted on the club’s website, said in the post-match press conference, “Top, a top performance from everybody involved. Really good. I liked the game.”

He added: “It’s a difficult game, you play against an opponent [that is] obviously going for counter-attacks, that’s absolutely fine, 4-5-1, so we have to get used to it on all accounts. We could have – and we told the boys in half-time anyway – passed with a bit more purpose, a bit more direction, quicker in moments, but it’s difficult. I saw one or two diagonals that we tried which were good but then in the wind didn’t, arrive and then we didn’t do it anymore. That makes not-too-much sense. We scored anyway two goals, two wonderful goals, we conceded a set-piece goal which was well executed – we could have done better in that situation for sure anyhow.”

Klopp was pleased with how the team’s dominant second-half display was rewarded with more goals. “And then second half it’s clear, when you are as dominant as we are, it’s clear that if you keep being dominant and improve in some departments you will create more chances. Diogo’s was the third goal, right? This wonderful half-volley, that was the direction you needed. It was a difficult ball for the defender to defend, I would say, and then we could score from there. And then another screamer from Norwich and we could finish the game off, all good. Could bring the boys back, could give them minutes, which is very helpful, the kids showed up [and] were involved in four out of the five goals, that’s great. So, actually, nothing really to complain [about],” he explained.

Jurgen Klopp on returning players getting minutes

Some key players who have recently returned from injuries got valuable minutes during the weekend FA Cup game. Speaking about the importance of it, Klopp stated, “Very important that we could give them minutes. So, Trent and Dom were not too long out, but I think they would say too long anyway, but Robbo was really out for a long time. Each minute they can get now is really important and today it helps as well to share the intensity again. Darwin we didn’t take off because he played bad or whatever, of course not, it’s just the amount of games we played and will play, and then the same with Joey [Gomez].”

He added: “All good, we could share the minutes, that’s the most important thing and we could win the game and that’s it now. In four weeks we play the next FA Cup game and until then we play just Premier League and one final, so let’s do that [and] make sure we are ready for that. That the boys are back is great but we played pretty well without them, to be honest, so it’s not about who is playing, it’s about how we are playing and we have to make sure we are the one team Chelsea doesn’t want to play against and Arsenal doesn’t want to play against. So, let’s see what we can do with the players we have now available.”

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