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Liverpool vs Chelsea: Where did it go wrong for the Blues? Mauricio Pochettino explains

Liverpool eased past Chelsea to register a thumping 4-1 win in the Premier League. The Reds were in complete control from start to finish, as they never looked like slipping during the one-sided contest. The Blues created very little compared to the huge number of chances the hosts enjoyed. On another day, Chelsea could have lost the game by a bigger margin. Overall, Liverpool got the deserved win following the dominating performance.

Where did it go wrong for the Blues?

Mauricio Pochettino gave an honest assessment of the match, as he stated that Liverpool “deserved” the win. The Chelsea manager also explained where did it go wrong for his side. “It’s not about finding excuses. I think the performance was worse from us. They deserved to win, they were better than us. Being honest we didn’t perform in the way that we wanted to perform. They were better than us from the first action. It was so clear, they were more aggressive than us,” Pochettino, quoted on the club’s website, said after the match.

He added: “For us it was difficult to connect and to play and always when we recovered the ball with our first or second touch we gave it away again so easily. They won all the duels, I just think they competed better. In all the areas they were better than us, that is why they won. In the second half at 2-0 there was the big chance for Mudryk. If he scored maybe that would start to build our confidence and we would play better, and also with the penalty in the action on Nkunku, maybe we would be in the game at 2-2 at that point.”

We need to learn from this kind of game: Mauricio Pochettino

Pochettino wants to use this experience as an opportunity for his side to learn, which he hopes will help them in the future when they come up against a team like Liverpool. “But even if we scored both of those and got a draw I would be disappointed because our performance wasn’t great. It’s good to have this feeling because it’s only one game, because if we want to compete against a team like Liverpool which is very consistent in the last few years competing for trophies and is one of the best in England, then we need to improve and we need to learn from this kind of game,” he explained.

Both sides will face each other once again in the Carabao Cup final at the end of this month. Pochettino hopes that this experience can help them approach the final in a different way. “After 90 minutes in this type of game you need to say well done to Liverpool. Now we need to approach the final against them in a different way and we need to compete in a different way to how we competed today. It is going to be in Wembley and for sure it is going to be different at a neutral place, which of course is always different,” he stated.

The manager added: “That is the feeling the players have now and it is good because if we go to compete in the same way that we competed today for sure it is going to be the same result. If we don’t improve it’s going to be difficult. There’s always different circumstances and it will be a different game like today was different from the one in August. For us it’s about learning from this type of game. We were playing against a team that is at the top and always challenges for the big trophies. It’s good for us to feel that we need to improve because the way we were talking from the beginning, with all the circumstances, but we need to realise now we need to push ourselves a little bit more.”

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