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Liverpool vs Burnley: What injury did Trent Alexander-Arnold suffer in the Premier League clash?

Liverpool bounced back from their loss against Arsenal in a positive manner by beating Burnley 3-1 at Anfield. It was not a vintage performance by the Reds but they did just about enough to get past the visitors who are heavily involved in a relegation battle. There were plenty of positives to take from the result for the home side. They did well to put behind last weekend’s loss at Arsenal and looked sharp going forward.

What injury did Trent Alexander-Arnold suffer?

However, the one big negative for Liverpool from the Premier League contest was the injury sustained by Trent Alexander-Arnold. He was withdrawn at half-time due to what looks like a knee problem. “Same area in the knee. Nothing really bad, but he felt it again and we have to see, we have to assess it. Trent said it’s fine, but it’s not fine [because] he feels it so we had to be careful and took him off,” Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports after beating Burnley 3-1.

The manager then shifted his attention to the important win over Burnley, as he gave an honest assessment of the match. When asked about having to fight for the result, Klopp, quoted on the club’s website, said in his post-match press conference, “No problem with fighting hard for the result. Actually, I can’t remember the last time when that wasn’t the case. But today obviously, for some obvious and for some less obvious reasons, it was clear it will be a really tricky afternoon. It was about how we deal with it, how much character we can show, and the boys showed exactly what we needed. [At] the start of the game, we were a bit too much in a rush.”

He added: “That was the problem: we played too quick, too direct, we couldn’t react with the formation, couldn’t win balls back. They had counter-attacks and that looks not great and doesn’t feel great on top of that. We score our goal, wonderful, find our way in the game, and then we concede the equaliser in the last second, pretty much, before half-time. But 1-1 is not a problem, I wanted us to play better football and to play calmer football and thankfully we had two situations to show them – one with a diagonal ball which we saw from Virg to Trent when the winger went inside and then playing around, having the right players in the right positions, and we did that.”

We changed the formation slightly: Jurgen Klopp

Klopp explained how they had to adjust their formation following Alexander-Arnold’s substitution at half time. “It was then obviously the problem in half-time that we had to take Trent off. That’s a double problem, if you want: one is Trent off and the other is we don’t have a right-back available so we told Curtis what he had to do. We changed the formation slightly to make it as simple as possible for him because it’s the first time he ever played the position and we don’t want him to be the inverted right-back and think about these kind of things as well, so he did exceptionally well,” he stated.

He further added: “Harvey came on, did really well, all the other boys did really well [and] we scored this wonderful 2-1 in the right moment. That helped, obviously, for us to give the game the right direction. They still had their moments because of the quality they have. I think it’s a pretty strange situation Burnley is in, they play much better than… they cause everybody problems. It’s not just us, they cause everybody problems. That’s quite special with the amount of points that they have, that they always come in the next game with such a positive mentality – really, I admire that a lot. Then we scored a third one and we could have scored more, so it’s all good.”

The manager also provided an overall fitness update on the players who were missing from the match. “It was a really good game, a really good result, besides the Trent situation perfect. We lost this morning Ali with, I don’t know, we lost Joey with the flu, Ali we will see, and before the game Ryan felt a little bit somewhere. They told me then he is fine but you cannot bring on a player who felt something in the warm-up, so we have to recover quickly and hopefully a lot of the boys will be back for the next game because we need them, obviously,” he said.

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