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Liverpool vs Burnley: Can Alexis Mac Allister and Wataru Endo play together? Jurgen Klopp responds

Liverpool suffered an unexpected loss last weekend, thereby leaving the Premier League title race wide open. The Reds were beaten 3-1 by Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. While it is a difficult place for many teams to visit and a loss at the Emirates is not the end of the world, the Merseyside outfit were still backed by many to get the job done due to their impressive form this season. Jurgen Klopp’s side has been punching above their weight to perform well above expectations in all competitions.

However, Liverpool were unable to carry that form into the Arsenal game and lost the match 3-1. Jurgen Klopp is now hoping to see a reaction from his players when they host Burnley in the Premier League on Saturday. Klopp was asked whether the Arsenal loss felt like a “setback.” The German, quoted on the club’s website, said, “After all the time in England I’m still not 100 per cent sure that I understand all words 100 per cent right. Setback? We lost the game and it felt like that. Definitely.”

Jurgen Klopp on Arsenal defeat

Klopp went on to analyse where it went wrong for Liverpool at Arsenal, as he wants to see a response from his players in their next match. “People told me after that we only lost [to] Tottenham [and] before that it was City. I didn’t feel for a second like that, if we want, it felt like we lost in one game, five games, but not because [of the] situation in the table. Just because we lost the game and we didn’t play a particularly good game. That just shows how it is, how it goes. A few days before that we played in a lot of parts of the game probably the best game of the season. A really good game, complete performance against Chelsea. It was a top-class performance,” he explained.

The manager added: “We don’t take these things lightly and think, ‘Oh, it can happen, at Arsenal you can lose.’ We want to perform better than we did and that’s what we try and we want and we have to show a reaction and that’s actually the only good thing about it. That you can react and that’s what we have to do, definitely, 100 per cent, so many things, especially against the ball, it was not even close to our standards. But you might say we didn’t have shots on target, which is 100 per cent true, but it all comes with the way we defend. That’s why that was the main point we were talking about. That’s exactly what we have to do much better. If we do that then we will be better and that’s the first step.”

Jurgen Klopp on Wataru Endo, Alexis Mac Allister

Wataru Endo is back with Liverpool after his AFC Asian Cup commitments. Endo could slot into the deeper No.6 position, thereby allowing Alexis Mac Allister to play slightly forward in the midfield. It could in turn result in both midfielders playing together in the same lineup. Asked about the possibility to move Mac Allister into an advanced role, Klopp replied, “Yes he can, but he did extremely well in the six as well, so we will see how we sort that. It’s good. Like I said, we need them all, and, of course, Macca and Wataru can play together as well. There is no doubt about that. They all can play together, it’s not a problem, we just have to try to make sure that we bring them in at the right moment together. So, let’s see.”

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