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La Liga: Players with Most Goals in a Season

La Liga is the top flight football division in Spain. It is one of the top five leagues in European football. Formed in 1929, La Liga has been the home to spectacular teams, players and matches over the years. Possibly the two biggest clubs in the world, Real Madrid and Barcelona have been the spearheads of the league for decades.

Data Last Updated: July 15, 2022
S.No.PlayerYears ActiveClubPositionSeasonGoals ScoredAppearances
1Lionel Messi2003-2022BarcelonaRight Winger2011-125037
2Cristiano Ronaldo2002-2022Real MadridLeft Winger2014-154835
3Cristiano Ronaldo2002-2022Real MadridLeft Winger2011-124638
4Lionel Messi2003-2022BarcelonaRight Winger2012-134632
5Lionel Messi2003-2022BarcelonaRight Winger2014-154338
6Cristiano Ronaldo2002-2022Real MadridLeft Winger2010-114034
7Luis Suarez2005-2022BarcelonaCentre Forward2015-164035
8Telmo Zarra1939-1957Athletic BilbaoCentre Forward1950-513830
9Hugo Sanchez1976-1997Real MadridCentre Forward1989-903835
10Lionel Messi2003-2022BarcelonaRight Winger2016-173734
11Lionel Messi2003-2022BarcelonaRight Winger2018-193634
12Cristiano Ronaldo2002-2022Real MadridLeft Winger2015-163536
13Baltazar1978-1996Atletico MadridCentre Forward1988-893536
14Cristiano Ronaldo2002-2022Real MadridLeft Winger2012-133434
15Ronaldo Nazario1993-2011BarcelonaCentre Forward1996-973437

La Liga has also seen itself being the most successfully represented league in European Competitions. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Raul, Luis Suarez, Alfredo Di Stefano among many have been the prolific forwards to have played the best years of their careers in La Liga. La Liga perhaps has the highest ceiling amongst all the top European Leagues when it comes to the attacking culture it possesses. Let’s now have a look at the players who hold the record for most goals in a single La Liga season.