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Jurgen Klopp to leave Liverpool: How motivated is Virgil van Dijk to make the most of the final few months with Klopp?

The football world was left in massive shock recently after Jurgen Klopp announced that he would leave Liverpool at the end of the season. The German manager has been at Anfield for several years and has brought massive success to the club during this period. The Reds won numerous trophies while playing an attractive brand of football, which has been difficult for other teams to deal with. After producing years of success on the pitch, Klopp’s shock announcement has taken many people by surprise.

Virgil van Dijk on Jurgen Klopp’s announcement

Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk is the latest to speak about Jurgen Klopp’s decision to leave the club in the summer. He is keen to end the partnership in the best possible way. “As human beings obviously everyone processes news, especially the size of this news, differently. I can speak for my personal feeling that definitely I feel like let’s make these last couple of months together the best ever. Why not do it with winning trophies? Hopefully, but obviously it’s not a guarantee. It’s going to be very difficult, but why not give everything and just enjoy it even more. That’s the feeling I definitely try to bring across to the rest of the team and the good thing is the feeling I get back from the rest of the boys is [that] they’re on the same page as I am. That’s very important,” he told Sky Germany.

The Dutch defender spoke about his initial reaction when he got to know about Klopp’s decision to leave the club. Despite being initially left in shock, he explained how the squad quickly became focussed on their targets for the season. “It’s quite difficult to speak about it at this point because obviously you’re still in the mix of it. As I’ve said already, my first reaction is to be fully focused on things ahead. Obviously the manager means a lot to me. I think that’s absolutely normal. We’ve been working together for so many years now, we have achieved so many things together,” the centre-back said.

‘It’s definitely a shock to our system’

He added: “He’s one of the reasons I wanted to join this club and join the Liverpool family. He made me captain. There are so many good things that we’ve shared and obviously I’ve learned from him and I hope he’s learned from me as well. It’s definitely a shock to our system at that point and when we spoke about it obviously it was a shock. I felt [that] obviously with the rest of the team as well. But after that there’s feelings of focus and determination to get our head straight again and focus on the job and focus on what we want to achieve. Like our mindset has been since pre-season basically already, because of the disappointing year we had last year. It hasn’t changed. That’s the most important thing that I’ve sensed over the last couple of days.”

Van Dijk also spoke about how he is there to help push the players around him when required to get the best out of them. Asked whether his experience can help those around him, the defender replied, “100 per cent. I know the responsibility I have and I really enjoy that as well. I give experience by the way I conduct myself on and off the pitch. But obviously when I see that a certain player needs to be pushed in a certain direction, or needs some help, or what to do next, or how to look after himself, I will be there. That’s how it should be. It should be very natural and not only me… we have senior boys who have a massive role to play as well. So far, so good. So, let’s keep that going.”

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