European Leagues: Youngest average age of Starting XIs in top five European leagues this season

In modern football, it is extremely difficult for a club to survive solely on the strength of its young players. The same is true for teams that rely largely on their older players. That is why coaches prefer to have a balanced squad comprised of both young and senior players. Some managers, however, take the extra risk of naming their teams with promising youngsters. It is a risky business to follow this approach, however, few are ready to take the chance.

Some managers believe in creating their own superstars rather than buying them from other clubs. It is those coaches who go the extra mile by placing their trust in budding stars from a young age. This approach has its pros and cons. Having a squad filled with young blood can allow a team to play fearless attacking football. Their pace and fast legs allow them to quickly close down the opponents in a high pressing style. On the negative side, a team full of young players is more likely to crumble under pressure than a team with a good number of experienced names.

Youngest average age of Starting XIs in top five European leagues this season

If the Starting XIs across the top five European leagues in this season is taken into account, then it is Valencia who are surprisingly topping this list. The top five European leagues are Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. With so many established teams present in these hugely popular leagues, not many would have anticipated to see Valencia at the top of the pile. Their average age of Starting XI is just 24 years and 260 days, according to Opta Analyst.

However, it is to be noted that success is not guaranteed by having a squad filled with promising young legs. In fact, very few teams placed in this list are enjoying promising campaigns. Valencia are sitting in the relegation zone (18th spot) in the Spanish league and are in big trouble this season. The second in the table is Southampton with an average age of 24 years and 298 days. They are rooted at the bottom of the English top flight.

Arsenal’s young guns are punching above the weight

Third in the table is Arsenal. Their average age of Starting XI is 24 years and 343 days. The Gunners are one of the few sides who are able to enjoy a promising season despite playing with young Starting XIs for the majority of the campaign. Arsenal are deservedly sitting at the top of the Premier League after producing some eye-catching results over the course of the season. Not many teams in this list could say that.

French side Monaco is another club who are able to maintain their position at the top end of the table with a young squad. Their average age of Starting XI is only 25 years and 68 days. Monaco are placed fourth in the Ligue 1 table. The remaining sides in the list are either occupying mid-table or lower half positions. Check out the table below to find out the youngest average age of Starting XIs in top five European leagues in 2022-23 season.

RankClubAverage AgeLeague position
1Valencia24 years, 260 days18
2Southampton24 years, 298 days20
3Arsenal24 years, 343 days1
4Lecce24 years, 356 days16
5Bayer Leverkusen25 years, 10 days6
6Stuttgart25 years, 23 days16
7Wolfsburg25 years, 41 days9
8Monaco25 years, 68 days4
9Reims25 years, 98 days8
10Leeds United25 years, 154 days16

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