EPL stats: Who are the worst penalty takers in Premier League history?

Penalty taking is an art that does not come easy for everyone. While some stay unbelievably calm under pressure to take the kick, while others let the pressure get the better of them. It is those players who can maintain their calm under the most difficult circumstances get the opportunity to keep taking the penalties for their respective clubs frequently. However, there are some players who do not have the best conversion rate yet they too step up regularly for spot-kicks. It is those players who are going to be focussed mainly in this piece.

Who are at top of the worst penalty takers’ list in EPL history?

For players who have taken ten or more penalty kicks in the Premier League history, there are some interesting names to have found their place in the table. Juan Pablo Angel tops this unwanted list with a conversion rate of 50%, meaning he has missed half of his spot-kicks in the Premier League when he was playing from Aston Villa from 2001-2007, according to data provided by Opta Analyst.

This is not a list many players would want to be a part of in their career. However, not everyone can handle pressure in difficult moments, resulting in some missing crucial penalties for their teams. Steed Malbranque is tied for second in this table with a 60% success rate after he converted only six of his 10 penalties. The same is the case with former Manchester United centre-forward Dwight Yorke, who also has identical figures.

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Big names also find their place in this list

Even the best in the business can struggle to score penalties under pressure, which is why some of the biggest names in the game also appear on this list. One of the most notable players is former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba. The French World Cup winner, who is currently playing for Italian club Juventus, did not have the best of record from the penalty spot. He has a success rate of 64%.

Meanwhile, there are also a few former Manchester United strikers who find their place in this list. One of them is former English international Wayne Rooney. The famed striker, who has also played for Everton, has scored only 23 out of his 34 spot-kicks in the Premier League, thereby giving him a 68% success rate. Teddy Sheringham also has the same success ratio as Rooney.

Michael Owen is another representative of the Red Devils in this tally. Owen has played for both Manchester United and Liverpool – one of the very few players who has been a part of both rival clubs. However, it was at Liverpool where he made a name for himself. Owen has scored 14 out of 21 penalties he has taken in the Premier League, with a success rate of 67%. Check out below to find out which other players have made it into this unwanted list:

Juan Pablo Angel51050%
Steed Malbranque61060%
Dwight Yorke61060%
Kevin Phillips111861%
Aleksandar Mitrovic71164%
Wilfried Zaha71164%
Paul Pogba71164%
Michael Owen142167%
Christian Benteke101567%
Wayne Rooney233468%
Teddy Sheringham213168%
Riyad Mahrez131968%