EPL stats: Which players have registered more than 200 goal involvements in Premier League?

It is difficult for a player to consistently score or assist goals in the Premier League, but to do it over a long period of time, they must be someone distinct. There have been quite a few single-season wonders in the league, who have not been able to maintain that high standard for a longer period. However, once in a while, a player comes along who takes the English Premier League by storm and manages to keep that level for an extended period of time. It is those players that will be analysed in this article.

Which players have registered 200+ goal involvements?

Alan Shearer undoubtedly tops the chart by managing an astonishing 324 goal involvements in the Premier League, according to data provided by Opta Analyst. If it is broken down, he has 260 goals and 64 assists. That goal tally has not been beaten by any player since in the division and it is unsure when it will be broken. Shearer has scored majority of those goals for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United.

Second in the list is Wayne Rooney with 311 goal involvements. His breakdown comes to 208 goals and 103 assists in the Premier League. Even though Rooney started his time in the division with Everton, it was at Manchester United, he attained stardom. The English international was one of the complete centre-forwards the game has ever seen. He can play anywhere in the attacking third and is not only capable of scoring goals but is equally good at linking up play. Shearer and Rooney are the only players to have 300+ goal involvements.

Frank Lampard wraps up the third spot. The former Chelsea midfielder has 279 goal involvements, with 177 goals and 102 assists to his name. The goalscoring midfielder has been a key part of Chelsea’s success that started in mid-2000s. Former Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs is not far behind with 271 goal involvements. He has scored 109 goals and has assisted a whopping 162 times in the Premier League.

Mohamed Salah makes the list

The latest player to make their way into the list is Mohamed Salah. The Liverpool forward has just reached 200 goal involvements in the Premier League following his impressive display against Bournemouth at the weekend. He has 140 goals and 60 assists to his name. Salah is the only active player currently playing in the league from this list. Check out the table below to know more about the players that have registered more than 200 goal involvements in the Premier League.

Alan Shearer64260324
Wayne Rooney103208311
Frank Lampard102177279
Ryan Giggs162109271
Andrew Cole73187260
Harry Kane46213259
Thierry Henry74175249
Sergio Aguero47184231
Teddy Sheringham75146221
Steven Gerrard92120212
Robbie Fowler39163202
Mohamed Salah60140200

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