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EPL stats: Which clubs have scored the most headed goals in Premier League history?

It goes without saying that Premier League is one of the hardest to compete among all football leagues. The competitiveness on display in English top flight is at a whole other level. Not only the clubs at the top end of the table are filled with quality players, but even the mid-table or bottom half sides have several international players in their squad. It is all thanks to the massive TV revenue which the clubs enjoy in the division.

As a result, every side is capable of building a squad that can compete with any team on a given day. This makes it harder for sides that are even sitting at the top of the table to beat a team fighting for relegation. Despite the difficulty level, some clubs manage to achieve success on a regular basis compared to others. One notable stat made by those teams that have been successful in the division will be analysed in depth in this article.

Which club has scored the most headed goals?

The club at the top of this list is Liverpool. The Merseyside Reds have been an ever-present in the English top flight and have always been a hard side to play against. Even though Liverpool have a rich history, they have not been able to replicate that form for majority of the Premier League era. It was only in recent years after Jurgen Klopp’s arrival, they have started being a force to be reckoned with. Overall, the Reds have scored 197 goals from headers in the EPL history.

Second place is also occupied by a Merseyside club but this time, it is the blue half of the city – Everton. Liverpool have undoubtedly enjoyed the most success among the two teams in the city. The same has been the case in the Premier League as well. However, Everton are not far behind with 192 headed goals in the EPL till now. London-based club Chelsea wrapped up third spot with 184 goals from headers.

Arsenal, Manchester United not far behind

Another London-based outfit, Arsenal, have scored 182 times from headers in the Premier League era. Meanwhile, Manchester United – the most successful side in the EPL history – are not far behind with 178 headed goals. Read the table below to know more about the clubs that have scored the most headed goals in Premier League era.

RankClubHeaded Goals
5Manchester United178
6Tottenham Hotspur152
7Manchester City148
8West Ham United147
9Newcastle United136
10Aston Villa112

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