EPL stats: Which clubs have put the most crosses in Premier League era?

The Premier League is understandably one of the most popular football leagues around the world. The popularity of the English top flight has increased leaps and bounds over the last few decades. This has paved the platform for foreign talents to join the league in huge numbers. But what separates the league from the rest is its competitive nature.

The level of difficulty in the Premier League is such that there are no easy games in the division. Every team must play to their hundred percent to have a chance at beating any side on a given day. Sides from top end of the table must also play to their maximum if they are to get the three points against teams sitting at the bottom half of the table. It has become possible because the league is filled with international players from top to bottom.

Which club has put the most crosses?

Another exciting aspect about the Premier League is the pace at which the games are being played. The fast-paced nature of the league makes the games an interesting watch for its supporters. A lot of quick counters can be found in every game, which has paved the way for multiple crosses being put during the 90 minutes. This end-to-end approach makes the matches a nail-biting affair for the respective supporters.

The club that has managed the maximum number of crosses in the Premier League era is Liverpool. They have registered a total of 14,621 crosses, as per the (some stats are only available since 2006-07 season). Taking into account Liverpool’s fast build-up play, it is not a surprise to see them sitting at the top of this table. They counter-attack their opponents quickly and to achieve it, Liverpool also put in plenty of crosses.

Manchester United are a close second

Manchester United are not far behind Liverpool in terms of putting crosses into the box. The Red Devils have registered 14,455 crosses in the EPL era. United are also known for their quick counter-attacking ability, which has been a trademark under Sir Alex Ferguson. Hence, it is not a surprise to see them put that many crosses into the box. Read the table below to know more about the clubs that have put the maximum number of crosses in the Premier League era.

2Manchester United14,455
6Tottenham Hotspur13,467
7Manchester City13,456
8West Ham United12,916
9Newcastle United11,675
10Aston Villa11,570

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