EPL stats: Which clubs have made the most last-man tackles in 2022-23 Premier League season?

With the new Premier League season just days away from starting, the attention has fully shifted to upcoming campaign. There is not long left before the teams figure out their starting lineups and their tactics for the new season. While some might have it better figured, the other teams’ coaches would be scratching their heads to come up with the best possible plan. At the end of a lengthy pre-season, one might assume that the clubs will have everything sorted out before the new campaign begins. However, it is not always the case.

With the transfer window still going on, not every team would have been able to get all their targets over the line. Some might still be short of a few players, while others will have a bloated squad and will be keen to offload certain players. Hence, it will be interesting to see how the teams will approach the opening Premier League weekend. However, before diving into the new season, it is important to look at one of the key stats from last campaign.

What is a last-man tackle?

There is a difference between last-man tackles and normal tackles. It is not a complicated one yet they both are analysed in a different way. A regular tackle is when a player wins the ball off the opposition attacker. In the case of last-man tackles though the way the tackling is done might be the same, however, who does it matters. Last man refers to the final player who stands between the opposition ball carrier and the goal.

In such a scenario, with a wide-open pitch, the attacker is normally favoured to get past the defender. However, if the defender manages to tackle the attacker and win the ball in the process then it will fall under this category. It is much easier said than done. The defender must be very careful in such situations. Since the opposition attacker is clear on goal, he cannot commit a foul or else he could risk giving away a free-kick or penalty and will most likely get a red card as well.

Which club has made the most last-man tackles?

Multiple teams share the top spot in this table. Bournemouth, Chelsea and Southampton have all made six last-man tackles in the 2022-23 Premier League season. It is not a surprise that the teams that had finished in the bottom half of the league table are occupying the top positions in this list. This shows that these teams’ defence was not properly organised thereby their individual defenders were asked to save the day on more than one occasion.

Among the top sides, Arsenal are the only one to be placed in this list with five last-man tackles. The Gunners had narrowly missed out on the league title last season, something which they would be keen to rectify in the coming campaign. However, to do that they need to be better organised while defending. Check out the table below to know more about the clubs that have made the maximum number of last-man tackles during the 2022-23 Premier League season.

RankClubLast-Man Tackles
1Chelsea 6
1Southampton 6
4Arsenal 5
4Leeds United5
4Nottingham Forest5
4West Ham United5
9Leicester City4

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