EPL stats: Which clubs have been caught offside the most in attack during 2022-23 Premier League season?

The offside rule is undoubtedly the most complicated one for many football supporters. It is also quite understandable why this rule is slightly trickier to comprehend than others. When a player releases the ball, his teammate who is receiving it in the opposition half must be in the same line as the last defender or slightly in front of him. However, even if a portion of his body is beyond the opponent’s last defender, then it will be deemed offside.

While there have been small modifications being made to the rule every now and then, the overall gist remains the same. It will not be deemed as an offence such as a foul, however, the assistant will raise the flag and play will be stopped. This is done to prevent one team from gaining an advantage over the other. With VAR being present in the modern game, they are able to spot the offsides more accurately, thereby reducing the errors caused by it.

Which club was caught offside the most in attack?

The team that tops this list is Liverpool after being caught offside 84 times during the 2022-23 Premier League season during their attacking play. It is not a big surprise to see the Reds topping this list. Jurgen Klopp’s side are known for their quick transitional style of play from back to front. It involves a lot of their attackers running behind the opponent’s last line of defenders. Not always it works out, resulting in the offside flag being raised by the assistant referee time and again.

Second placed Leicester City are not far behind with 83 offside calls. Relegated Leicester also relies a lot on their pacy players to run behind the opponents’ defensive line, thereby making them vulnerable to offside offence. Manchester United are closely behind them with 80 offside calls. Erik ten Hag’s side are known for their brilliant counter-attacking style of play, which could lead to their attackers being regularly caught offside.

Chelsea are not far behind

Fourth in the list is Chelsea with 74 offside calls. The Blues endured a nightmare of a campaign in every regard last time out. Despite plenty of money being invested in the transfer windows, they were not able to replicate that form on the pitch. The managerial changes did not help their cause either, as Chelsea finished outside the top half of the league standings. Check out the table below to know more about the clubs that have been caught offside the most in attack during the 2022-23 Premier League season.

2Leicester City83
3Manchester United80
6Newcastle United71
7Brighton & Hove Albion70
8Nottingham Forest67
8Tottenham Hotspur67

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