EPL stats: The youngest average Starting XI of Premier League title winners

Premier League is not only known for its popularity but also for its physically demanding nature, which makes it difficult for any side to succeed. With the viewership of the league constantly increasing globally and the TV revenues multiplying, all the clubs in the division are able to build a squad capable of competing against the best in Europe. Not only the big clubs, but also the mid-table and lower league sides in England’s top flight, are now capable of possessing large squads filled with quality from top to bottom.

This competitive nature of the league makes it difficult for one particular team to dominate the proceedings. Yet there have been some managers who have been able to do just that. Sir Alex Ferguson is the first name that comes to everyone’s minds and rightly so. The former Manchester United manager was able to stay at the top for several years, making it difficult for other sides to leapfrog them in the table. Arsene Wenger had similar successful period with Arsenal.

Not only did Wenger achieve success on the field, but his ability to work wonders with young talents season after season established him as a specialist in that department. In recent past, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola and Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp continue to lead the line. However, the manager who built the youngest average Starting XI for a Premier League title winning side is none of the above. It was Jose Mourinho’s 2004-05 Chelsea side that holds this illustrious record.

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The youngest average Starting XI of Premier League title winners

Jose Mourinho was often criticised by pundits for preferring to use experienced players over promising young talents. However, it was Mourinho’s famous Chelsea side that tops this unique table. The average age of the Blues’ players in the 2004-05 season was 25 years and 250 days. Notably, it was also Chelsea’s first Premier League title. However, it has been close to 18 years since that title triumph yet no team has been able to dethrone the Blues from the summit in this list.

Having said that, Arsenal have the chance of making history this season if they can maintain their lead in the Premier League table until the end. The current average of Arsenal’s starting XI is 24 years, 293 days old, according to Opta Analyst. If Arsenal win the league title this season, they will undoubtedly break Mourinho’s 2004-05 Chelsea team’s long-held record. In the data provided by Opta Analyst, find out which are the other clubs that have managed to find a place in this prestigious list.

ClubSeasonAverage Age
Chelsea2004/0525 years 250 days
Blackburn Rovers1994/9525 years 338 days
Manchester United1995/9625 years 345 days
Manchester United1996/9726 years 63 days
Manchester City2011-1226 years 88 days