EPL stats: Sir Alex Ferguson has won more Premier League games than Manchester City

No team has dominated the Premier League like Manchester United under former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. As expected, United dominate most of the EPL records. However, what surprises most is the amount of matches the Red Devils have won under their legendary former manager. It has been nearly ten years since Ferguson last managed Man United but the landmarks he achieved still stands. Sir Alex’s United have astonishingly won more Premier League matches than the dominant Manchester City have managed throughout the EPL era.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s incredible feat

Manchester United have won 528 Premier League games under Sir Alex Ferguson, which is more than Manchester City’s 492 victories. It is simply mind-blowing to see a manager win so many games with one team in a league that his record exceeds the total of several other clubs. If the teams are divided by the most Premier League victories, then Sir Alex’s 528 wins stands at a respectable fifth place, according to Squawka. To put it into better context, only four clubs, including Manchester United, have won more games than the Scottish former manager.

These are records that are not normally seen from managers in the modern era. In the hire and fire culture, coaches struggle to stay longer at a football club. If any manager survives five years at an established club in the current market, it has to be considered a massive achievement. Hence, it is not a surprise that managers like Sir Alex Ferguson are no longer present in the modern game. It is incredible to imagine that he stayed with Manchester United for a prolonged period of 1986 to 2013. What he achieved during that time will always remain in the history books.

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Clubs with most Premier League wins

Manchester United – as expected – tops the most Premier League victory chart. They have won 718 games in total and a large portion of that credit has to be given to Sir Alex Ferguson. Under his management, United enjoyed unrivalled success. He saw the rise of Arsenal under Arsene Wenger and Chelsea under Jose Mourinho. In later years, Manchester City also started to make a name for themselves. However, Sir Alex weathered all the storm and continued to dominate the Premier League.

Arsenal are second in the list with 641 Premier League victories. A lot of that credit has to be given to Arsene Wenger. He was the manager of the Gunners from 1996 to 2018, winning an incredible 476 EPL games during that period. Wenger is placed eight in the list. To put it into better context, Wenger has won more matches than Everton and Newcastle United have managed in the Premier League era. Check out the list below to find out the teams (or managers) with the most Premier League victories.

SL No.NameEPL wins
1Manchester United718
5Sir Alex Ferguson528
6Tottenham Hotspur517
7Manchester City492
8Arsene Wenger476
10Newcastle United394

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