EPL stats: How much time each club takes before goal kicks in 2022-23 Premier League season?

Time wasting has become an unavoidable part of football these days. Many clubs use it to their advantage to slow down the match and take the pace of the game. This is a tactic that is normally used when clubs feel that their opposition is having an upper hand over them in the game. Hence, to disrupt the momentum, their players normally start taking extra time during throw ins and goal kicks. Some players also take longer to get up on their feet after going down to a challenge.

These are not necessarily considered honourable things to do, however, some clubs do it to gain small advantages over the opposition. Teams that have a proper system in place, which relies primarily on attack do not get involved in time wasting much. Since they are more focussed on moving the ball from back to front quickly, their sole priority would be to keep the ball in play as much as possible. It is often the teams that play defensive football and rely on breaking up opposition’s game rather than imposing their own style tend to take additional time with throw ins and goal kicks.

How much time each club takes before goal kicks in Premier League this season?

The club that takes the least amount of time before goal kicks in the 2022-23 Premier League season is Liverpool. Jurgen Klopp’s side are not normally known for getting involved in the dark arts of the game. His football philosophy is one of the best in Europe and it involves a lot of movement with and without the ball. The Reds attack with such pace from back to front, they hardly have any time to waste on a football pitch. Their average delay time before goal kicks is at a respectable 21.5 seconds in the league this campaign, according to Opta Analyst.

Second in the list is defending Premier League champions Manchester City. Pep Guardiola’s side are always known for playing the beautiful football. It involves plenty of possession and a detailed build-up play process, meaning they would like to keep the ball in play as much as possible. They take 24.1 seconds as an average delay time before goal kicks. Their neighbours Manchester United are in mid-table positions in this table, by taking an average delay time before goal kicks at 28.6 seconds. Meanwhile, Arsenal are just above them with 28.1 seconds.

Which club takes the most time before a goal kick?

Newcastle United – as expected – takes as the most average time of delay before goal kicks in the current Premier League season. They are at the bottom of this table with an alarming 36.8 seconds, illustrating the massive difference between Newcastle and the first-placed Liverpool. Second bottom is the struggling Everton with 33.1 seconds to their name. Chelsea is not far behind with 31.8 seconds. Check the table below to find out how much time each club takes before goal kicks in Premier League this season.

SL No.ClubTime Delay (secs)
2Manchester City24.1
3Leicester City24.6
5Tottenham Hotspur26.6
6Nottingham Forest27.3
9Manchester United28.6
10Leeds United29.2
11West Ham United29.5
12Aston Villa29.5
16Crystal Palace32.7
20Newcastle United36.8

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