EPL stats: Clubs with most points after 30 games in Premier League era

A good start does not necessarily guarantee a title triumph in the league at the end of that season. There are plenty of examples to substantiate this theory. A title run in any league requires dedication and sincerity throughout the course of the campaign. Unlike the knockout stages of cup competition, a few good performances might not necessarily guarantee the trophy. In order to win a league, a team must maintain their standard week in and week out over the entire duration of the league season.

It is easier said than done. A new season hype is enough to act as a motivator for many clubs, which allow them to string together plenty of good results. However, in the middle part of campaign is where most of the title pretenders fall out of the race. It is during this drab period, when a side will require to find the motivation within themselves to keep getting the maximum points. But the real challenge comes at the end of the season.

It is during the business end of a campaign the pressure is at the maximum level for any club. Squads with nerves of steel manage to survive this hard phase, while other clubs succumb under pressure. There are many examples of teams doing well till majority of the campaign but fall out of the race in the end. With the 2022/23 Premier League season entering the business-end of the campaign, let us have a look at the clubs that have managed the most points after 30 games in the English top flight.

Clubs with most points after 30 games in Premier League history

The most points won by a club after 30 games in a Premier League season was Liverpool. They registered an astonishing 83 points in 2019/20 season. Jurgen Klopp’s side were simply unstoppable that campaign, as they brushed aside other contenders to ease their way to the league crown. It was a long wait that was fulfilled for the Anfield faithful and they managed to do it in style. The ease at which Liverpool won the league crown that season will forever be remembered.

Second in the list is Manchester City. In 2017/18 season, they posted 81 points after 30 matches. Pep Guardiola’s side were at the top of their game in the campaign, as no club managed to get anywhere near them in the title race. The Blue half of Manchester raced to the league title with massive dominance. Chelsea’s 2004/05 side are third in this table after managing 77 points. They had also won the league title that campaign. Manchester United’s title winning team in 2012/13 season also secured the same number of points (77) in Sir Alex Ferguson’s final campaign as their manager.

Which teams have let it slip at the end?

Manchester United and Liverpool are two sides that have managed to secure a respectable 73 points after 30 games but still failed to win the league crown that campaign. United did it in 2011/12 and Liverpool in 2018/19 season, according to Opta Analyst. In the current Premier League campaign, Arsenal have also registered the same 73 points after 30 matches. It will be interesting to see where the current league leaders will finish this season. Check out the table to find out who else have made it into this list.

ClubFinal PlaceSeasonPoints
Manchester City12017/1881
Manchester United12012/1377
Manchester United12006/0775
Manchester City12018/1974
Manchester City12021/2273
Manchester United22011/1273

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