EPL stats: Clubs with most clean sheets in 2022-23 Premier League season

Attackers might steal the limelight most often than not in football, however, the contribution from a team’s defence can never be underestimated. As the old saying goes, “good attack can win matches and good defence will win Championships,” is true in every era of football. It is not a surprise to see teams with a solid defensive unit continuing to performing well this season. Even though goalkeepers do not get the same credit as the front-line players, their contribution to a game can never be undermined.

It may be the supporters and pundits who might overlook the importance of a goalkeeper’s contribution to a game. Thankfully though the team’s coaches do not fall in the same bracket. It is one of the main reasons why a team is built from its base and a keeper is the one stands at the last line of defence. A good team often has a reliable shot-stopper, who is seldom rotated from his starting role. His saves are just as vital as a striker’s goal in the other end of the pitch. Hence, it is not surprising to see a team with a good defensive record often found on the top end of a table.

Which is the club with most clean sheets in 2022-23 Premier League season?

It is not easy for a side to maintain its standard consistently in the Premier League. With the pace of the game being too quick and many teams preferring physical style of play, the challenge becomes extra difficult in the English top flight. Despite the difficulty level, some teams manage to hold the opposition attacks off consistently. The team with the most clean sheets in 2022-23 Premier League season is Manchester United. Erik ten Hag’s side have 14 clean sheets to their name this season in the league.

It quite surprising to see the Red Devils top this list. Taking into account Man United’s defensive record in recent seasons and the start they made to this campaign, it is quite stunning to see them at the top of this chart. Not to mention that Manchester United suffered some embarrassing away defeats over the course of the campaign. Despite those setbacks, the Old Trafford outfit has consistently maintained a good defensive stability, making it difficult for others to break through their defence. Most of the credit has to be given to their defenders and their ever-reliable goalkeeper David De Gea.

Newcastle United continue to impress

Meanwhile, it is not surprising to see Newcastle United being placed second in this table. They have been highly impressive this campaign and most of the credit has been given to their outstanding defensive performances. Their goalkeeper Nick Pope, who has 13 clean sheets, deserves special mention for his impressive shot-stopping ability. Arsenal round up the top three, with their keeper Aaron Ramsdale keeping 12 clean sheets. Find out which are the other teams with most clean sheets in the 2022-23 Premier League season till now.

RankClubClean Sheets
1Manchester United14
2Newcastle United13
4Aston Villa11
6Manchester City10
8Tottenham Hotspur9

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