English Football League stats: What are the most played fixtures in EFL history?

Many would have a hard time believing that the most-played fixture in English Football League history is one between Aston Villa and Everton. Founded in 1888, football fanatics have been able to witness 135 years of exuberating action that has lived long in the memory of several supporters. There have been numerous memorable battles and mind-blowing individual performances that have left an indelible impression on those who have witnessed those games. Some of those fixtures occur more frequently than others. One such clash is the game between Aston Villa and Everton.

While these two clubs have a long history together, they are not ideally considered as the heavyweights in the league. Other than this game, there are also some big-name clashes that have found their way into the top ten list of the most played fixture, but first, let us take a look at the EFL’s history. It was founded in 1888 as the Football League. This was England’s top-level football league from its inception until 1992. That year, the top 22 clubs split off to form the Premier League, which is one of the most popular leagues across the globe right now.

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Most played fixtures in English Football League history

The match between Aston Villa and Everton has taken place 210 times in the history of English Football League. With several derbies and rivalries happening frequently in this division, this is not one which many would have hoped to see at the top of the pile. Either way, these two clubs have often been a mainstay in the English top division, which is Premier League these days, hence their supporters can anticipate to see more matches taking place between them in the coming years.

‘Arsenal vs Manchester United’ and ‘Everton vs Liverpool’ are a close second in that tally. These two fixtures have happened between each other on 208 occasions. Not to mention that they are two of the biggest matches in English football calendar. As soon as the fixture lists are announced, these are the games supporters make a note of, as they keenly await the contest. Furthermore, Arsenal’s name keeps repeating in this most-played list.

‘Arsenal vs Everton,’ ‘Arsenal vs Liverpool,’ ‘Arsenal vs Manchester City’ and ‘Arsenal vs Aston Villa’ are other such fixtures that have found its place in this tally. One of the most-anticipated matches in English football – ‘Liverpool vs Manchester United’ – also has a place in this list. That contest has taken place a staggering 179 times till now. Check out the table to find out the most played fixtures in English Football League history:

1Aston Villa vs Everton210
T2Arsenal vs Manchester United208
T2Everton vs Liverpool208
4Arsenal vs Everton203
5Arsenal vs Liverpool197
T6Arsenal vs Manchester City189
T6Aston Villa vs Liverpool189
8Everton vs Manchester United187
9Arsenal vs Aston Villa182
T10Everton vs Manchester City179
T10Liverpool vs Manchester United179