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Africa Cup of Nations: How did the world react to Ivory Coast winning the final against Nigeria?

Sebastien Haller’s amazing journey from beating cancer to becoming the hero of Ivory Coast’s Africa Cup of Nations victory against Nigeria has touched the hearts of people everywhere. As Ivory Coast won their third title in an exciting final match, Twitter exploded with love and support for Haller and his team. Everyone was so happy for them! People shared their joy and inspiration, sending messages of congratulations and cheering them on. It was incredible to see how much love they received from all over the world. Let’s take a closer look at what everyone on Twitter had to say about Ivory Coast’s big win.

What happened in the finals of AFCON?

In the AFCON 2024 final, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria teams clashed in an electrifying battle for the championship title. Nigeria had shown strength throughout the tournament, while Ivory Coast had faced challenges along the way. Despite initial setbacks, Ivory Coast reached the final with hopes of securing victory on their home turf in Abidjan’s Olympic Stadium.

The final match was a rollercoaster of emotions. Nigeria took an early lead with William Troost-Ekong’s header, but Ivory Coast fought back fiercely. Franck Kessie’s goal leveled the score, setting the stage for Sebastien Haller’s unforgettable moment. Overcoming cancer, Haller’s triumphant goal secured victory for Ivory Coast in the 81st minute, igniting jubilant celebrations in the Alassane Ouattara Stadium. Haller’s journey from illness to triumph served as an inspiration to all, showcasing the power of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. His goal will be etched in football history as a symbol of courage and determination.

How did the world react to the finals?

After the AFCON 2024 final, people all around the world were buzzing with excitement and happiness about Ivory Coast’s win against Nigeria. On social media, especially Twitter, everyone was talking about it! People shared messages of congratulations and admiration for Ivory Coast’s team, especially Sebastien Haller, who scored the winning goal. They were amazed by Haller’s journey from being sick to becoming the hero of the match. Many people said it was like something out of a movie! People from different countries sent their love and support to Ivory Coast, showing that sports can bring everyone together. The whole world celebrated Ivory Coast’s victory, and it was a moment that will be remembered for a long time.

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