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2023 Round-up: Five best goalkeepers in world football

A standout goalkeeper can often be the game-changer, turning close matches into victories and elevating teams to championship levels. Today’s goalies aren’t just about making saves; they’re integral to starting plays and building attacks from the back, much like any outfield player. Their role has evolved, making them central figures in any team’s success. Yet, it’s often the goal-scorers who grab the headlines, leaving these keepers in the shadows. Despite this, most goalies stay grounded, letting their performances speak for themselves.

As we wrapped up 2023, it’s worth highlighting the five goalkeepers who made a significant impact, not just with their impressive saves but also in steering their teams to the pinnacle of success.

Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker is widely recognized as one of the best goalkeepers globally, and it’s easy to see why. He’s got this incredible ability to make those game-changing saves, bringing a calm and commanding presence to both Liverpool and Brazil’s teams. What’s impressive is how he’s not just about stopping shots; his distribution and footwork, especially when playing from the back, stand out. Sure, every goalie has their off days, but when you look at Alisson’s overall impact, he’s been a game-changer for Liverpool, helping them clinch the Premier League in 2020 and stacking up an impressive collection of trophies along the way.

Ederson Moraes

Ederson Moraes has truly revolutionized the goalkeeper role at Manchester City. While his shot-stopping abilities are commendable, it’s his exceptional distribution and comfort with the ball at his feet that often steal the spotlight. His knack for launching swift counterattacks and fitting seamlessly into City’s possession-centric style is a game-changer. While some may critique his aggressive positioning at times, it’s hard to deny his impact. With several Premier League titles and a Champions League win under his belt, Ederson’s versatility and contributions have been pivotal in City’s dominance, proving he’s more than just a typical goalkeeper.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen

Marc-Andre ter Stegen has truly won over the Camp Nou crowd with his recent performances. Known for his sharp reflexes and adept ball-handling skills, he’s become a cornerstone for Barcelona, especially during their 2022-23 La Liga triumph. While some remember past inconsistencies, his 2022-23 season was stellar, with standout stats like 26 clean sheets in 38 La Liga games. Even though he’s often overlooked for Germany, Ter Stegen’s contributions to Barcelona, including multiple La Liga and Copa del Rey titles, highlight his prowess. At the peak of his career, he’s proving his worth game after game.

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois, the recent Yashin Trophy recipient, stands tall as a beacon of reliability for Real Madrid. While Belgium’s national team has faced its ups and downs, Courtois’ steadfast presence has been a solace for Madrid fans. With a decorated club career boasting major titles, including a standout performance in the 2022 Champions League final, he showcases an impressive blend of skill and consistency. Surprisingly, at just 31, Courtois has years ahead, though a recent ACL injury will sideline him for much of 2023-2024. Nonetheless, his legacy as a top-tier goalkeeper remains undeniable.

Emiliano Martinez

Emiliano Martínez’s meteoric rise isn’t just a flash in the pan; he’s consistently proving his mettle. Despite past skepticism, he’s evolved into a remarkable goalkeeper, showcasing agility and versatility with saves. His crowning moment came during Argentina’s World Cup victory in Qatar, where his standout performances earned him the coveted Golden Glove. Beyond club football, notably shining at Aston Villa, his heroics in key international tournaments like the Copa América underline his importance. Though he took time to find his footing, Martínez’s impact, especially in crucial penalty-saving moments, cements his status as a pivotal figure in Argentina’s recent footballing triumphs.

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